Dungeon Quest 2

Hey there friends! I went to the dungeon last night, it was *interesting*
I’ll let the video speak for itself, but in summary the 3 main things I noticed…
1.) Very impact play oriented (whipping, flogging, caning, spanking)
2.) Bring your own kinky people 
3.) Significantly younger than most folks there

I could see myself in that place again, the experience of going to that kind of dungeon event is kinda like a level-up, I feel more experienced, I’m less nervous about checking out other events. All went well, I kept my panties on and made it out alive and unscathed, but as single as ever.
Todays post was about last night, tomorrows post will be about today, August 8th. 
Feel awesome today, listen to this song, and remember Joybubbles!

2 thoughts on “Dungeon Quest 2

  1. I think you had a similar experience with the dungeon that I do when I walk into a furry convention. There isn't a lot of socializing going on, and what little socializing is going on is dealing with already established cliques and groups. Unless you bring a significant other or very close friend to hang out with, you're kind of S.O.L.; furries aren't the most social people.

    It can also be awkward or uncomfortable when you aren't as “into stuff” as other people around you. I've often thought of going to Frolicon or some other BDSM convention that gets hosted in my city; they claim to have ageplay events and such, along with the other things which more hardcore people get into, but the thought of being horribly out of place has always kept me back.

    Like you said, a lot of people are into impact play; I generally stay away from even the hint of that stuff after some experiences in my own past. Going to an event where that is the main focus (with live demonstrations and seminars) just so I can see what ageplay stuff they might have going on (which usually doesn't even remotely resemble ageplay like most AB's see it) doesn't seem to be worth the effort.

    Anyway.. enough rambling from me. I'm glad you had that experience, and your outfit is really cute! 🙂

  2. Sounds a lot like theater. I was approached by groups like this before. But its not a cross social community. Like us they are a niche community that keeps to themselves. Riley, you would do better to focus on groups that circle your own primary passion. From there explore some of this BDSM with a person from the ABDL community or even TS community. There are some out there. One of the things that I learned early is that I was a young transitioner, so as far as age goes. There are a lot more people out there in established groups putting on events etc. that are much older. I ran into many many people much older than I, the good thing is that now that ABDL or TS community are starting earlier and so there is a new wave of community that is much younger. I see so many young TS girls around now… I say, do whats in your comfort zone and stay fun and safe. Relationships are all about compromises. Finding that special someone takes time and patience young one.
    – Stacey

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