Dungeon Quest 2

Hey there friends! I went to the dungeon last night, it was *interesting*
I’ll let the video speak for itself, but in summary the 3 main things I noticed…
1.) Very impact play oriented (whipping, flogging, caning, spanking)
2.) Bring your own kinky people 
3.) Significantly younger than most folks there

I could see myself in that place again, the experience of going to that kind of dungeon event is kinda like a level-up, I feel more experienced, I’m less nervous about checking out other events. All went well, I kept my panties on and made it out alive and unscathed, but as single as ever.
Todays post was about last night, tomorrows post will be about today, August 8th. 
Feel awesome today, listen to this song, and remember Joybubbles!

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