Alllll right! I’m in my little footy sleeper, rocking out to the Strokes, eating boysenberry toast and drinking homemade chai tea (a recipe i stole from my most recent employer hehe). I’m excited, I’m getting my toothy finished today. I’ve been in a really crumby mood as a result of that, but sometimes bad things happen to good people, right? I KNOW it’s going to happen today, so that stress is gone.  I’m going to do a little bit of  Yoga with my roomate, something I’m trying my best to explore right now  my body and bones are calling out to be stretched and freed up. I want to stay this cute until I’mn in my hundreds, healthy living! I’ve been living on Veggie Juice, kinda a force cleanse due to not wanting to eat hard things. Culprit responsible? Frozen Yogurt magicshell stuff, that stuff can get really hard apparently, even in the hot california sun. 

I’m feeling less like a total failure right now. I’ve got some video stuff in the pipeline, look forward to an update about my place, I feel as if a great adventure may be upon me. I feel like some sexy picture time is needed, I ‘m feeling girly and happy and have a big awesome day of video and dentistry ahead of me! 

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