wake up

Hey there diaper friends! I’m feeling at top form this lovely californian morning. I’m going to go pick up my hormones, I have a copy of Camus’s “The Stranger” in paperback I’m going to try and get through for the 2nd time. I don’t like writing at a place like PlanetParenthood, people are more likely to call you crazy. Its always filthy packed and you can never sit down anyway, I have an appointment though ❤

Anyway, I’m kinda going crazy with the miceys and ratzoz and bugs in this apartment. I haven’t had a decent nights sleep, having a little bit of privacy issues, not really feeling it right now, theres too many people living here at the moment, but I have this early morning bit free so I’ll get to some filming. I’ve been feeling very sexual in a unique way lately, I haven’t cammed or “played with myself” in a probably 4 days, Its hard to feel that way when I’m stressed out, I can’t just do it whenever I please really anymore. I’ve been thinking about erections often.

Long story short, I’m sleep deprived and horny and about to get my blood taken. Wish me good luck, I have further things to expand on, but I’m just going to leave it at that for the moment. Whatever happens with the apartment will be awesome, I’m kind looking  to go on an adventure, this town, its really all I know, theres got to be a better place.Whatever happens, I’ll likely come out on top 🙂

5 thoughts on “wake up

  1. I have only recently come across a rather large spider. I too haven't slept propperly. The little bugger had a wonderful time meeting my broom. I killed it. I am absolutely terrified of spiders. Especially the one that was in my room, the giant house spider. Ooh *shivers*

  2. Best of luck with you on “The Stranger.” Excellent book if you can slog through to the last page. His bitterness in the end makes the preceding boringness worthwhile.

    Sorry to hear about the bugs and the rats BTW. You may want to buy a harpoon or something to defend yourself from them before they get too big.

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