5 thoughts on “MakeUp CloseUp

  1. Hey there! Enjoyed your little close up into your make-up pattern. I am a girl myself and have been exploring make-up for awhile now. 🙂 Just a quick tip… You mentioned that you have some difficulty with eye-liner, as it tends to poke you in the eye. Have you ever put any thought towards a liquid eye-liner? I'll admit it can be a little trickier than the pencil variety, but it gives off a really nice polished look, and a little goes a long way! After applying your eyeshadow, shut one eye at a time, and carefully line your lash line with the liquid liner to really make them pop! (YouTube has some great tutorials!) As you get better you can play around with it, and create different, more sexy and dramatic looks. One more thing- I would also highly recommend the use of a mascara. It not only lengthens your lashes, but intensifies and defines them as well, to give you an ultra-feminine appeal. Non-expensive drugstore brands such as Maybelline Define-a-lash and Covergirl Lashblast are some of my favorites! Happy make-upping! 🙂

  2. I'm not sure if you were just having a really good day or if it was that 100% light effect that was going on in the video. However, if you do look like that without makeup on normally, (which, based on your pictures I think you do) you most certainly DON'T need to use it.

    I understand the lipgloss, kinda, but the other stuff is entirely unnecessary. I think you look beautiful going all natural.

    But that's just my opinion.

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