Quick One

I’ve been working on a few big things lately. Check out this timelapse. I’m going to turn on my cam before I goto bed and leave it on all night. If you want to watch me sleep, you are invited to. At some point later this evening you’ll see a post with the TinyChat link. I like the idea of doing stuff like this more

9 thoughts on “Quick One

  1. That's…actually really cool. I was considering doing something myself a few days ago, funnily enough. I noticed that you toss and turn about as much in your sleep as I do…its kind of weird seeing it from the other side of the screen.

    The coolest thing about this video, though, is that it captures the rapid eye movement when you're sleeping. That was really awesome. Great video, Riley!

  2. Riley,
    That was an interesting video, I felt bad for your teddy bear when he got pushed aside. Did you wet your diaper while a sleep or after you woke up? Hope all is ok with you today. Seeing you in diapers is always a treat.

  3. Now you are really making me wonder how much I move during my sleep. I really like how the blanket gets thrown off several times, then it is like ok I need it again. It is odd I always seem to wake up with it mostly covering me, that makes for a over heated sweaty body on hot days. It was really bad this last week with several 90F+ days.

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