sf explosivo

I’m setting off, I’m heading to the big city! I’m so excited, wish me lovely times and fascinating experiences. If you’re in San Fransisco, send me a letter and maybe we can connect, I’m going to be keeping busy with a few projects there, but I’m always looking to meet friends and cool new people, ideally finding a job and a place in the process. I’m mostly interested in just checking out the scene, filming and doing a little inward exploration, I need to write and I’m having trouble doing it here. I had one of the most intense sexual experiences of my life, I’m completely physically exhausted by it, I came without touching my boyparts, and yes, I got it on video 🙂

I wrapped up the little chat early tonight, put on a big comfy abriform and got into my sleeper, i’m tired and I have a big big day tomorrow! Send some happy thoughts my way and stay diapered!

11 thoughts on “sf explosivo

  1. Good luck on Riley's big adventure. Hope you meet some exciting people and have some exciting experiences.Keep that cute little bottom well padded and don't forget us that are stuck here in our day after day humdrum

  2. Glad you had a good time in San Fran. I hope you post photos and maybe a video or two to the site. Love ya, hugs and kisses and keep up the good work.

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