I’m here in San Fransisco, I’ve EASILY walked 30 miles with a bag that weighs about as much as me, I’ve have seen things, dear god I have seen things. I’m pretty overwhelmed by my experience, starting to feel more comfortable in the big city. I’m at the library at the moment, I’ll be able to hopefully upload some pics and videos and stuffff soon. I have a million stories to tell, I’ve gotten so much information and my eyes have been opened as much as people have opened their hearts to me. I feel this city lives and breathes, it laughs and screams and cries all in the same breath. I’m headed to my next adventure wish me luck and prosperity.

The word of the day is Carpe Diem! I couldn’t have expected this to go better, i’ve been here for about 36 hours now and I feel like i’ve lived a lifetime. More stuff soon, life, I love ya, all is groovy 😛

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