the city

Hey there! Just checking back in with all my lovely, lovely readers. I’m still doing the backpack thing in SF, I’ve had so many experiences, it’s amazing. I’ve made new friends, reconnected with old ones, getting things straightened out with the legal parts of transitioning your gender, name change etc. I stripped last night for the first-time, I’ll write more about the experience as soon as I decompress from it, but I have to say that I’m not “working” or whoring myself out, and I’m not doing it for the glamor or attention. I was offered a paying gig and I took it, cash rules everything around me, at least for right now. I’m at the library, going to head over to Larkin and get some free food, I’ve been staying with friends here and there, I’ve been pretty safe from the perils of the city, keeping my head above water. I’m so determined to save up for an apartment outside of the city, looking for a legitimate job where I don’t have to show my ass, literally or metaphorically. It’s been less than a week since I’ve gotten here and I’ve seen a lifetime of experiences, more stuff soon, I’m not finding myself around computers too often lately, but I’ll update when I can, I have lots of things to talk about.

Isn’t it going to be amazing when I’m all settled in a positive place, maybe Pacifica or the East Bay, and I’m looking back on all the things that i’ve done and smiling, knowing that I actually came to the city and made it, addiction, criminal record and STD free. Let’s get serious, lets get successful, lets get SRS!

Now’s the time for you to show yo’ ass
They ain’t handin out no mo’ cash

2 thoughts on “the city

  1. Its nice to have friends that can help you when you need it. just be carefull out there in the big city it can trun and get you without warning. but also do enjoy it all you can it can be a great experience. Good luck.

    San Diego,Ca

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