feet up

This is just a little post to be less vague about what’s been going on with me ūüėõ

Due to losing my job and being in an awful apartment situation, I decided to pilgrimage to San Fransisco, this town is unsafe in unique ways, and hormones/healthcare is going to be easier to come by. There’s also TONS of resources for people at transitional points in their lives, free lunches, friendly people, i’m finding that there is a community within cracks of the buildings and on the streets, more than i could have imagined. I’ve met a ton of people, making some great connections… i even got a chance to play The Move!

I’ve been living out of my backpack, my name change is in process, and should have a P.O. box ASAP. My unemployment appeal is FINALLY going through, I have a date to see the courts on the 3rd of October, hopefully i’ll have a more¬†consistent¬†paying job by then, but if not its nice to know I have a chance to get unemployment. My boss lied on the application, claiming that I “threatened” him. After I was fired and told that I wasn’t open for rehire, I went and cried in a staircase for a few minutes, came back to get my stuff and my tips, and yes, I did call my boss a pussy, and yes, I did tell him to suck my cock. I was in pretty much rage mode, and you’ll never catch me losing my emotions like that. I said nothing threatening, and got into a car with a fellow co-worker and drove off. I found out later the owner fired his daughter that same morning.

He had no reason to fire me, so he made up a reason, and he’s been caught in a lie. There were tons of witnesses that saw me working hard, being taken outside by the boss, and then walk around the corner crying. Most of my co-workers agree that the bosses needed to be brought down a peg, and though it was a pretty lame move on my part, I was really upset and felt like I was in a corner. I am so looking forward to the day when those guys are forced to show their true colors, and though I support the local/organic/positive stuff they do, the owners are in it for the money and will do anything for the bottom line. They will get their comeuppance!

That’s a positive thing in my life, and one of the many reasons why I feel so much better when I’m out of town. As I mentioned, i’m living with whats on my back, but the backpack is pretty darn heavy. I’m pretty sure just from carrying this load my ankle kinda went out, it feels sprained, I’ve had to walk on it the last few days, and it was hurting pretty bad even before dancing on weds night, but the next couple days I have the¬†opportunity¬†to put my feet up. I’m hanging out with a friend and will be uploading some new videos, getting things in order for the next time I venture out. My next post will be more detailed recollection of some of the events that have effected and astounded me since my journey started, from near-death motorcycle experiences to backrubs and bbq’s in goldengate park to my first experience stripping. Interesting stuff ahead check out this gruesome foot pic!

One thought on “feet up

  1. Nice to hear life is going well for u. Sorry about the ankle sounds painful. So are u staying in San fransisco or are u going somewhere else?

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