They are the key to interesting situations, but in this case the reason why making videos is sometimes pretty difficult. I’ve done limited filming in the bay area just for the reason that I don’t want some dude running by and stealing it while i’m getting my blog on, i’m nervous about being followed even just exposing what I have in my bag, i don’t want a bunch of theives following around, a bunch of dingos trying to take my baby. I should have a chance once I get more settled, get a crew etc… soon enough

What I’m trying to get at is sometimes videos just don’t go great, sometimes theres a dalmatian snoring in the background, and I don’t notice until I’m editing the video. Sometimes i sneeze or make a weird face or do something i couldn’t imagine showing the public. Many of my videos are 1-shot stream of thought, i’m working on more dynamic ways to use what I have, but for now I still have to be vigilant, not get frustrated by bad shoots or weird sounds. Though I refuse to publish anything too awful, I don’t want to hold back on a video like this just because of  bit of snoring. I am going to be premiering an adult site, separate from RileyKilo.com but similar content. As for now, parts 2-4 of the quivers video, which includes my miraculous hands-free orgasm (!) are available for a donation of over 10$, you can have access to my private blog for a donation over $50, but that also comes with a lovely commemorative tote bag. Ok, no tote bag, but my private blog is pretty cool, sexy videos, and I also make private videos with whatever content you’re interested in, i generally make these case by case so feel free to use the contact me form above 🙂

I could really use the money right now, so help out if you can and you will be greatly appreciated, and rewarded for your kindness! Here’s part 1, the only one that has a snoring puppy in the background, we were playing ball and the puppy didn’t last as long as me ❤

4 thoughts on “zzzzzzzzzz

  1. WOW is all I can say. You get more adorable every time I see a new video of you.I already donated $10 but I guess I need to save a little more to get to the juicy stuff huh.Stay diapered and cute and wish me luck on getting to the $50 mark

  2. you are simply adorable i would love to take your diaper off and kiss you all over,make you feel great and make love to you then re diaper you and cuddle with you…xxoxoxo love you ryley

  3. Awwwww! That's so adorable; tinkling in your diapers just like a little baby girl 🙂 Your videos DO keep getting better! Keep up the good work, and don't let life's problems get you down–when life hands you lemons, make lemonade hehehe 🙂 Love ya, Riley!


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