sweet little diaper girl

Hey there friends ❤ I'm heading back to SF, back to the grind, getting a P.O. box and doing the name change, I'm considering dancing again this week, a couple days of rest has left my ankle feeling about the same, but i'm still a little nervous, I must tread lightly. I need to get excited, the city will get my motor going again, I'm feeling kinda cute and vulnerable right now, not something you want to be in the tenderloin. Toughen up Riley, you can't stay here in Sacramento, its bad news, move forward! Folsom street fair is coming up this weekend, I'm definitely going to be there, shoot me an email if you're going.

I’ll be writing more soon, here’s a cute little picture taken just yesterday.Wish me safety, luck and prosperity, i’m still your little girl in diapers, stockings and paci ❤

14 thoughts on “sweet little diaper girl

  1. Aww it's a cute photo. Girl iv been watching your YouTube videos for mothes. And I just now started reading your blog.
    I hope you miss sacramento . It the best town in the world to me.

  2. Riley, this post is really old, but I wanted you to know that when i first saw your site/ a picture of you, I assumed you had been born a girl. Seeing that someone near my age can go through the transition and turn out looking as pretty as you do gives me hope about myself. 🙂

  3. Hello.my god I didnt know you where in buffalo.I shopped at that same thrift store you where at on tonawanda street in riverside of buffalo.Love thier back secttion with all the baby stuff and clothes.i went in their diapered too hehe.wish would of known we could of played and cuddled in our diapers.
    oh well live your life the way that makes you the happiest and makes you secure and content.hit me up on yahoo messenger boysndiapers and same name for email on yahoo.

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