Riley Status: optimistic
Ankle Status: not any better : (
Location Status: back in the city until (?)

I really wish I had the time to write the post I really wanted to, its all just scattered notes and thoughts right now, something about weedwackers and unsettling dreams and how you can masturbate to yourself if you put your thumb over the face… it was going to be a stunning epic, a defining moment for the blog, but for now all I have for you is pictures. These, my first ever studio pictures as a girl speak better for me, they’re prettier and a little more focused ❤

7 thoughts on “status

  1. Hi!

    You look that convincing in those pictures, a person meeting you for the first time must put you in the “female box”!
    Congratulations. Your smile also tells what I hope is a feeling of well being now, except for your foot but that is quickly passed, I have had the same feet during my childhood.

  2. I can look at your pictures and know in my heart that you will achieve great things in your long and joy filled life. Have no doubt about yourself and go out and prove me right! KG

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