It’s one month ago, I’m looking over the ledge on the golden gate bridge, feeling little drops of rain on my face, I’m tired, looking down at the blackness of the water, wondering how long it would take until I got to the bottom, would a gust of wind and save me the fate of all these drops of water, would it pick me up and drop me somewhere safe, in front of a fireplace in my footy PJ’s, or would I just hit the waves like concrete. I take a deep breath, and walk back to the busstop, and go from there.

It’s the end of October, and it looks like this chapter of my life is coming to an end. I won my unemployment appeal, there’s a couple more steps until it’s all worked out, but I won, I fucking won! I knew I would, they had not a leg to stand on, but the pain is in the process. It looks like I should be getting a bit of back unemployment, enough to get me back on my feet and off unemployment! I had a conversation with my mom the other day, she told me how she hoped that the strong “don’t leach off the system” morals she raised me with stay true, she was a single mom, and through hard work and love for her family she managed. I’ve been in tough situations and always pulled through, and never considered unemployment an option until the odds were stacked so high against me. With a clean employment record I will have no problem getting work, and the things I’ve learned over the past few months in the realms of making it in your own will prove invaluable.

YES!!! I’m so excited for what’s ahead of me, especially now that my path is a little bit more clear, more positive. I’m staying with a friend in the redwoods right now, very limited internet access, but I will be posting what I can. I’ll be up here until further notice, possibly Portland around Halloween, do I know anyone up there? My future plans? Anywhere from a nice apartment just outside my hometown, back to SF for a little more adventure just more organized this time, or Thailand… so many options, so much potential, life is amazing. I feel like living proof that it gets better, you just have to persevere, and get past those little struggles, and the world loves and rewards you for it. More stuff soon, and thanks for all the kind thoughts, reassurance, donations, everything… look how far we’ve come ❤


Hello friends, I am happy, safe and diapered ❤

I have received good news, it won’t stop raining here, up in the woods, but the clouds have broken for the moment and I will be sharing some happiness with you soon ❤


I wonder if I’ll ever grow up out of diapers? I sure hope not. I am kinda having some mommy feelings, I could totally see being a mommy to little boys and girls, I could even see being a domme to a certain extent. I know I will always like diapers, but i might more likely be the diaperer instead of the diaperee. Funny how things change, I have a strong sense of self as you may have learned, but I still like to explore different things, see whats out there. I just see some of these younger AB/DL folks, they are just too cute, I want to cuddle them and let them know it’s alright, I’m bursting at the seams with compassion! I’ve got some big things in the works, feeling very excited about my future ❤

This pic makes me very happy!