looks like it’s going to be a great day today

It’s a lovely day today, the sky is grey like a kitten, all fluffy and cloudy. I woke up feeling quite refreshed, I’m looking forward to the weeks ahead, there’s going to be lights everywhere and chances to feel warm, cozy, this is tea season! I am *really* into tea, coffee makes me feel less awesome than it did in high school, especially with hormones, and tea can be really healthy for a growing young woman, or anyone! I get from the jars at my local co-op a bit of dandelion leaf, mint and mostly whatever ceylon green tea i pick up, gunpowder at the moment. It’s so cheap and a really nice way to wake up, I didn’t do yoga this morning, but I will tonight. I’m totally enjoying my last few days of having a big nice house to myself, but I’m excited to get out on the road again, I’ve got places to go, people to meet!

I’m using up my supply of goodnites, have a very busy afternoon and evening ahead of me, there are ducks out of row… I like ducks, I wish the zoo here didn’t just look like a bunch of animals in cages. I don’t have a problem with zoo’s, I have a problem with crappy zoo’s. I never really thought about it until now, zoo cafeteria’s shouldn’t serve animals, that’s like going and seeing a movie about popcorn… I don’t know, I’m going to miss my 2 fluffy companions here. I want to hangout at pets mart and sample of the puppies. I’ve always said I love animals enough to never own one, that makes sense with my adventurous living, I don’t want some parakeet in an alley somewhere singing “mama was a rolling stone”. Someday I’ll settle down, but for now I shall live vicariously through other pet-owners.

Cool. So, you have a good day too. Know that I’m going to be out there somewhere in the world, happy and on the right path ❤

6 thoughts on “looks like it’s going to be a great day today

  1. Hi Riley!

    You are so beatiful in todays picture!
    A question, I know one shouldn´t ask a lady about how old she is so I guess I shouldn´t ask at all but could I put the question like this, what is the “building year” of the boy that slowly is turning into the princess Riley.


  2. You are a ray of bright sunshine in my life. I love your attitude, you are a joy and a tear of happiness. Wish you the best for the Holidays. Don't run out of diapers girl. 🙂

  3. Hello Riley, You look absolutely beautiful!! Do you order your clothes online or do you actually go out to shops? I just recently found your site and you are an inspiration. I wish I was close enough to know you personally and draw from your amazing strength.

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