Ok! Deep breath, this is going to be a big post, filled mostly with ands and commas, but i’m typing excitedly on my Itouch and still decompressing from the last week… month… year?  My house-sitting situation is over, I’ve been off the radar, theres some crazy new news about my unemployment situation, I will tell you as soon as I can and this whole thing is a mess. The news kinda brought me out of a slump, kinda raised the depression that I’ve been feeling, losing friends and your whole world all at once is tough, I was at that shop everyday. Not only did the news prove that my old boss is crazy and irrational, but best of all it assures that I won my unemployment case, no judicial board in the country would accept the madness he submitted. Unfortunately, I have another month or 2 until I’m finally over with it, and my case is on hold until then. I don’t know if I can share the information online legally, I want to be safe but its funny and crazy and shows my old employers true nature. I’m finding out today, I will keep you informed.

I am writing you from from a quite little spot in Davis, California. Since Tuesday I have been all around, I left the house in Sacramento, to Davis, SF, Santa Cruz, San Jose, over the course of 6 days. I’ve been meeting friends and seeing sites, pulling my energy from the city and working with other travelers, I am lucky to be somewhere where there is quite a homeless community. I have learned so much this week, I was taught how to play magic cards and ultimately about alternative forms of currency in alternative lifestyle, like cigarettes in jail. I learned about Rastas and Carrageenan and language and played pinball on the boardwalk and did an open mic and ate a BBQ squid. Needless to say, my head is overflowing. I got to my current location last night around 9, took a much needed shower, got all cute and into my footy sleeper and ate French bread and artichokes and watched The Town and then Devil with friends. It was almost like coming home, I’m thankful for my friends and it’s nice to be around my *stuff*. Outside my window I’m seeing the trees do a crazy dance outside, but I’m safe inside and warm under a blanket.

Have you ever had a situation in your life where you’ve felt you reaaaallly shouldn’t be there? Not like walking down a dark alley, by kinda like that, where you decide you’re just going to play this out, but that flee instinct is screaming at you to just get the fuck out, you have no place here. I’ve felt like that a couple times in my life, and one of those times was this weekend. I didn’t flee, and everything turned out quite well, but I think if you panic, or show fear, then people pounce. I’ve been writing down most of this stuff, some of it is pretty deeply ingrained, I like telling stories and I’ve been rounding up some pretty good ones.

This time of year, I’m feeling all those warm and fuzzy feelings that people feel for the holidays or equinox, i’m just feeling happy because you forget how nice it is to be warm when its so cold outside. I’m getting together with family on Christmas, they were all out of town for thanksgiving, which I spent largely by myself. I’m looking forward to it, I have a pretty small family, but we get along, I think the further from our childhoods we are the better we get with our family, and that applies for parents as well. Our whole situation isn’t focused on any religion, just family and food and usually a movie. We’ve done the Chinese food on Christmas thing more than once in my family, it’s always a relaxing day… well, before and after my stepdad left. . I had a few relatively traumatic Christmases when I was were younger, but the person that made it traumatic is no longer around, so whatevs.

I’m safe and sound, done adventuring until after the holidays, I have some video ideas, I need to keep moving and creating and exploring, both online and in the real world. Thanks for checking up on me my dear internet friends, more words and images soon.

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