Comfy Riley, Hidden Diapers

Ramblin’ Riley has been rambling all over the california coast, beaches and bridges. I’m happy to announce that until the holidays are over I’m going to be settled and comfy at a friends apartment, I put down the last of my cash to sublet out a closet fit for Harry Potter… I looked and kinda felt alot like Harry Potter when I was younger. I decided I needed to settle down for a second, I’ve been living life to the fullest and maybe its time to settle down, life doesn’t have to be so *intense*, it could be half full and i’d still be optimistic. I lack the ability to be structured in my travels, rideshares and hitchhiking and couchsurfing and riding trains and camping out under the stars is the only way to get around without a ton of money. I’ve established my apartment situation here after a particularly intense bit of adventure in Santa Cruz and San Fransisco. I’m very excited to be around my stuff again, my friend has been kind to hold it for me, we’ve been friends for a long time so it’s going to be nice to stay here.

This is one of those situations where kinda have to hide my diapers. He knows I wear and everything, but wants really nothing to do with it. It’s not hiding really, but just a situation where I can’t really got all out with the diapers. I wear footy sleepers exclusively when I’m home, but before bed I wear diapers under them. We hungout for a solid 2 years before I mentioned them, he had no idea, but that was around when I started doing MistressTrainsHerSissy, so it was easier to explain under the context of selling it, I also sold stuff on Ebay for quite some time in my late-teens, diapers was something i could get away with, especially with the mark-up rare ones had, “anything nostalgic is worth money to someone” I would say, when secretly I wouldn’t sell the diapers, it was nice to not hide them. Now, every-things in a box, a rather well organized box, but just a cardboard box.
I love coming in from the cold to a warm cozy house, I hope this season is treating you well. I’ll be posting EVERYDAY until the 25th, and then more afterwards. I can’t give anyone a christmas present, so I’m going to show off my footy sleepers, delve deep into the pits of nostalgia and maybe even show off some cute pics and videos 🙂 I’ve been meeting tons of interesting people, part of my travels is meeting and talking with other adult babies around the country, so just because I’m not writing on here, doesn’t mean I’m not thinking about it everyday, trying to stir-up new ideas and get an idea of the bigger picture. More stuff soon darlings!!!     
Oh, and check out the new posts at LetsGetSRS!!!

One thought on “Comfy Riley, Hidden Diapers

  1. It's good you have a place to settle down to for the holidays. How else is Santa gonna know where you are. Here's to you at Christmas and hope the New year brings you much adventure and everything you dream of.

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