4 days of nostalgia – The King Of Nostalgia

I woke up this morning and on the screen of my friends mattress-sized television was the Wikipedia entry on the “king of nostalgia”, Joe Franklin. This is the Wikipedia entry, and this is the Sarah Silverman joke from The Aristocrats that piqued my friends interest. I took this as a sign, first that Sarah Silverman is a notorious bedwetter, but we are also in the most nostalgic season where we reflect on the year, our lives and past holidays. Christmas morning is a shared memory for many of us, rich, poor, religious or not. The smell of pine, red and green Christmas wrapping, pigging out and watching football, those are the happy memories I have of Christmas.

I create new memories every Christmas, a tradition amongst my friends is getting together and having margaritas on Christmas eve. There’s revelry, food and stories from our long friendships together. No god is mentioned, no presents exchanged, just fun and festivities. Those who stay wake up hungover but cheery, a big breakfast is mandatory and the silent streets are always hauntingly beautiful. By the evening I’m in my sleeper and diaper, a friend always reactivates my World of Warcraft in December and we run around and play all the Christmas stuff on there. Sounds funny, but a Warcraft and Christmas have become synonymous to me, we’ve been friends for years and the game is always brightly decorated and there’s lots of stuff to do that doesn’t involve killing dragons.

Those are my holiday plans in a chestnutshell, but with one new addition. I’ll be on my (tinychat) webcam from 8am to 10am PST, reading stories and spreading Christmas cheer 🙂 It’s free as always, I still rock this site like public television, it’s supported by readers like you. I would like to put up my amazon wishlist, but I need good food and train tickets more than I need entertainment or nice diapers. I manage with my torrented blurays and store brand didees for now, I am a very happy little girl… comfy and happy and feeling nostalgic, life has slowed down for a hot second, and I want to share my time and  lovely feelings with you. Be well, stay warm and diapered!!! 

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