Articles about the Octomom’s shock fetish diaper video, she’s a Sacramento native : (
Do me a huge favor and don’t click on either of these.
too sleepy to listen, big long day today, hope it’s a little bit fair towards us, it’s hard enough as it is.
*Update* listening to this at the moment…
 after 3 hours of lovely accents, it’s pretty much just a reference to an adult with baby features like a squeaky voice or no teeth (as referenced in Glee) rather than a reference to infantilism.
the good thing that did come out of this, I was reminded of the “trapped in the closet” hiphopera by R.Kelly, if you haven’t seen it, check out the first few episodes, it’s great. Also this is further R.Kelly ridiculousness, if this is how people have “normal” relationships, i’m pretty excited about being ABDL!
I’m starting to tweet again, follow me @RileyBBQ
More stuff soon, sweet dreams my diapered friends ❤

2 thoughts on “media

  1. We're not doing as well as other fetishes in the “acceptance” department, and perhaps understandably so, but I do think we're moving forward slowly.

  2. It parallels with how I try to tell people about cannabis, and how it's safe and even *good* for you. But in the time it takes me to inform 5 people, some news story tells 4 million others that it's a deadly killer marihuana devils cabbage shit. >_<

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