it’s a secret

its really cold outside…
 this organization isn’t about problems, it’s about solutions!
❤ climates where you can wear footy sleepers under your clothes!
Off into the tundra, On a quest to complete my unemployment situation, a decision has been made, getting the details today. Very excited, it’s been over 6 months since I was unfairly fired, 3 rounds of appeals, but it looks like it’s all over. I’m 99% sure i’ve won, no court would accept the nonsense they put in their last appeal.
Wish me luck, warmth, and I’ll soon be able to finally say i’ve walked 3 miles in the snow, both ways, uphill… I’m doing it for Social Justice and those two other things that make the world go ’round… money and spite.
❤ more stuff sooooooooooon 

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