looks like things are coming up Riley
FINAL decision – The California Court Of Appeals has ruled in my favour! It’s all over folks
Looks like it’s going to be early March until I get anything from it, but regardless of what I get for the last 6 months of living with a firing on my employment record, it’s over and things are good, i’ve got a clean slate and i’m happy to be over it. There’s so many wild things that have happened in this whole affair, I’ll have to make a little video to explain it to all of my bloggy friends
I’m in love with you guys! This site and the folks i’ve met through it have been keeping me going through the rough times. I have a very simple outook on life, everybody needs a reason to be. This site is really important, and the message behind it! Let’s be socially conscious, get the word out that AB/DL rights are important! Let it be known, that trans and ABDL people aren’t freaks, fetishists and perverts, we’re just normal people who found a new way to express ourselves
Feel great my friends, I do too
It’s over, thank god it’s over, my employment and fine coffee reputation are clear, I can move onto big and better things. Canada, NYC and the whole East Coast has and will accept me with open arms.
*puts on an old pair of old doc martens and stomps right out the door*

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