This post is just a quick note to ramble a little and make everyone aware of a new FaceBook feature, Instant Personalization.
Bit of irony, some 30 years ago John Lennon wrote and recorded Instant Karma
Mark Zuckerburg’s facebook got hacked, would you still go to a bank where the presidents account got compromised? If it was the only bank in town, maybe, but i’d probably just hide all my cash under the mattress.
Fetlife would be that mattress. It’s a facebook for adults, you can post pics, talk in groups and communicate with your internet and RL friends. All the satisfaction of making and receiving comments and expressing yourself in little ways, but no billion dollar industry behind it. Many people use facebook to communicate with your folks or old friends, but remember that it’s just a giant marketing tool, feeding off of our individuality. 
Check out your privacy settings later tonight, it’s automatically set to “Enable”, much like Google Buzz which was a huge disaster and cause for a multi-million dollar class-action suit. If you’re an AB/DL person whose facebook hasn’t been deleted already, I suggest you do so, like youtube it’s turned into a playground, not a place for that kind of content, it can just stir-up negative feelings towards the community as a whole.
DPRtube is the best we’ve got for a video site, and Fetlife for social networking. Check em out!
Be smart, Be safe, more stuff soon, i’ll end this post with a couple Glenn W. Turner sample from Death Cab For Cuties “Amputations
“If we seem nutty to you, and if we seem like an oddball to you, just remember one thing: the mighty oak tree was once a nut like me.”

“I pray to God that one day he’ll grant me the power to reach out and hold my hand over you and give you instant belief because you don’t have instant belief. You’ve been hooked, you’ve been crooked, you’ve been lied to so many times that you’re suspicious, mind you, and when the right thing comes along you don’t believe it. When I’m here knocking at the front door, you’re at the back door looking for four leaf clovers, and when you find it, you think someone playing you dirty fool. Whats the angle? You look for an excuse. In this modern day and age, we have instant coffee, instant tea, instant disbelief. That’s the reason we never become anything. It’s because we will never believe in ourselves. We’ll always listen to the mass majority. If everybody’s making fun of you and criticizing, you know you’re on the right track, something most of the people aint got…”

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