Quick background on my employment situation

I was unfairly fired in June 2010

I worked at a fine coffee/cafe establishment

I was not told why I was fired and the true reason remains a mystery

I joined the workforce as early as I could

I have worked in coffee, at an indie theatre, venue/bars, sushi, Tower records/video, Target, Staples, call centers, and others.

I have had consistently bad luck with lay-offs and places closing down, but have never pursued unemployment.

I had never been fired before and maintain positive relationships with many of my past jobs.

I enjoy and often find promotion work, for venues, events, alcohol/cigarette surveys, granola, farmers markets etc.

I started a computer consultation company at 14 and still occasionally provide affordable tech support and training.

I have always been good at finding unique ways to sustain myself when between jobs.

I have an awesome resume and refuse to exploit the unemployment system, momma didn’t raise no welfare recipient .

I understand it’s purpose and receiving a stipend for my unfair firing will help me get back on my feet after the sudden firing, losing my apartment and being labeled “unhirable”.

I in no way look down on folks who receive unemployment or disability.

I love being employed and employable.

I won’t likely receive anything until late feb/early march due to the clogged CA legal system.

It’s finally over!

Check out the sidebar for tagged posts about my situation! hooray! more video tomorrow!

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