in my head

Hey there! Here’s a new video about how hormones have been effecting my mind!
I know it sounds complicated and i’ll be exploring different aspects of it, but the video is a pretty concise idea of whats going on in my little head.
Footy sleeper stufffff soon, kinda focusing on my hormone stuff just now.
 Big Dr. appointment on the 3rd ❤
more stuff soon!

7 thoughts on “in my head

  1. Learn from the past. Live in the present. Prepare for the future. That was very interesting Riley. You are as sharp as ever. The Moody Blues do it for me too

  2. ahhh, I guess youtube doesn't like my computer anymore. Thankfully was able to download it from 😉

    Anyways, Riley, that's a really interesting discussion, especially regarding the emotional effects. I'm not on horomones, but I've been experiencing very similar lately… I never cried about RL stuff (but movies, fo sho). But I have been tearing up a few times in the past month or so… it's new and interesting and feels in a lot of ways more real than the “front” we're supposed to put up… but it's also kinda traumatizing. I can't imagine being like this at a job situation… or in public in general.. I get panicky just thinking about it! And there's no way I want to show that to–or be comforted by–just anyone… maybe that'll change over time, I dunno. For now, I try to hold up the front until I just break and then freak out and the whole world's out to get me, and it's scary!
    Anyways, long explanation to say we seem to be going through similar things right now… oh, and cuddling… and almost everything you mentioned…

    Thanks for sharing with us! *hugs*

  3. YAY for you Riley, you sound great getting through this portion of your life. What a terrible thing for someone to do to you in school. Keep smiling! {Huggie}

  4. You will have to watch your fingernails as Estradial will make them brittle and break. They will also get ridges on them that are hard to buff out. I have ridges on every nail on my body even though I was off of hormones for 2 years. I am now back on them and am probably looking at more ridges.

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