A Country Doctor

I’m sitting here in my pajamas, watching Ziggy Stardust, big day ahead of me.
There’s a new look for the blog, I wanted to be able to do more with this site and couldn’t with my old template.
Expect changes.
The Doctors appointment was a failure in almost every regard. More info once I’ve spilled it all out.
I’m feeling good, I’ve got every reason to be depressed or self destructive, but i’m not.
My options have changed, I have to figure things out but I’m not worried.
more stuff soon

4 thoughts on “A Country Doctor

  1. Sorry the doctor didn't work out but a lot of people who go through this seem to have to see a few different doctors and therapists before they find the right one. I doubt I need to tell you to stay positive so keep on truckin'!

  2. I am truly sorry to hear any bad news about the appointment and will be interested to know what actually happened. If there is anything we can do, please tell us.

  3. Glad you're taking you're taking bad news well, and I hope all is still well. Just remember there's a million ways to make things work out and there's a million ways to get things done.

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