Hello friends!

This is the hormonal situation I’m in right now. I have about 2 weeks left of hormones left, and no way to get any more through my previous prescription. I could potentially find myself back in California for no more than a couple days for a legal matter. This is something that has nothing to do with me, but still something I could get subpoenaed for. I’m a good girl and I didn’t do anything wrong, but this court case has been wearing on my emotions for quite some time, it will be good when it’s over. I will find out in the next few days if I have to head back, I wouldn’t pay for the trip, and this will be the last time I will mention it. If I was in California I would simply visit planned parenthood there and get another 3 or 6 months of hormones.

If that doesn’t happen, here are the other options.

1.) Seeing a doctor here in Western New York, and paying out of pocket. I’ve had a couple recommended to me, but that’s not really a great option financially. When I get a job I could likely afford that, this would be ideal, I miss being employed! I would also potentially get healthcare if I was gainfully employed, which would mean I could see a doctor here with ease. If I don’t get a job, which is unlikely as I’ve had a couple positive leads lately, I will get my owed unemployment whenever the terribly overburdened Califonia Courts finalize my case (late feb/early march) and be able to see a Doctor that way.

2.)Visit a Planned Parenthood in NYC that offers transgender care, financially straining due to paying out of pocket (sliding scale) and travel costs, but a perfectly viable option. The planned parenthoods of WNY do not offer Trans services

3.) Order hormones online. Not the best solution but would work in a pinch, definitely an option. I will likely make this happen if I don’t head back to California for a short time. I don’t look down on folks that go about this method, but I also don’t recommend it, especially if you have health issues.

4.) Stop taking hormones

As I’ve said before, I’m learning throughout this whole process and I’m in no way an expert at this, I’ve done a wealth of research but still have much to learn. Just know, I’ll always take great consideration in my choices, and always make sure to keep my overall health as a main focus in my life. I’ve included a video that says much of what I’ve said in this post, I’ll be filling you in with the details as soon as I know what’s going on, right now there’s a tons of options ahead of me, I’m just waiting to see which one is going to be ideal. I’m glad I have so many options, I guess that’s why I’ve been so optimistic. I guess it proves you can make it happen if you really want it.

If you’re going to donate to the blog, now would be the time to do it. There’s a paypal link on  the sidebar, I’m doing well but the help, well, it helps. I’ve got hair removal and SRS ahead of me, and that stuff isn’t cheap!  If you do, please leave your email so I can contact you personally. Thanks so much for reading, and as I say in the video, this isn’t bad, I’ve got a ton of options and they all will lead to a positive future.

More stuff soon ❤

4 thoughts on “Options!!!

  1. Hi, I was reading your blog and have like a months worth of hormones left. You mentioned going back to Cali to get a 3-6 month supply from planned parenthood? Is that something all planned parenthoods do?

    From mass if that matters.

    I don't want to pay 300 bucks for online HRT if I don't have to.

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