back back to cali cali

Alright! I’ve got tickets back to California! I’ll only be there for a couple days and I didn’t spend the grand it cost to fly me back, and neither did any of you. I’m happy this worked out the way it did, my lack of hormones and this subpoena happened at just the right time, thanks synchronicity for always watching my cute little diapered bottom ❤ I'll be able to get my hormones there, I will likely take care of all that with ease. I'm pretty excited, I'm going to be in SF and busy, busy, busy the entire time so it won't be a fun visit, but it will be a productive one. Thanks for reading, and for the concern while i was kinda floating, unsure of my future.

Well, that was Easy! More stuff soon ❤

4 thoughts on “back back to cali cali

  1. Hello Riley,

    Usually it is not a problem to change from one doctor to another. Take all official empty medicine packages and print out of hormone levels to the new doctor. I did it that way.

    One doctor mailed the prescriptions to me!

    Some doctors do a breast examination and for post OPs a vaginal check for new patients.


  2. well you get done what you need to get done, “being busy” is ok. keep us posted on how things are going . . . safe travels Riley 🙂


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