Hello again!

Hey there! It’s going to be quite a week ahead of me, lots on my plate right now, all of it necessary and exciting 🙂 I’ve been a happy girl, here’s a couple quick pictures of my footies, my diapers, my bear and me!

I’ll be posting more throughout my trip, more stuff soon!

8 thoughts on “Hello again!

  1. Well, I've gone before, they usually don't bother me, which is lucky. If anyone ever asked I would just say “it's my personal underwear choice” and that would be it. I always go through dry so it won't be too embarrassing if they check, I'm glad they haven't ever had to do anything with me, It would be awkward and awful, not because of the diapers but due to the 'M' on my passport… especially these days I pass realllly well, and folks can't hardly believe that I could be 'M'… looking forward to getting all that legally changed.

  2. I am glad you are excited, I hope all goes as you wish in CA. The pix are very cute as all of yours are, you are an adorable little girl. I travel diapered and haven't been outted so to speak as of this writing. I worry to with all the homeland security stuff and all. Have a productive trip Riley 🙂

    Happy Valentines Day to you all 🙂


  3. my bears name is Cincy (short for Cincinnati) Bear and he was adopted by me by a friend about a year or so ago. He's my best friend, he always looks out for me and watches out for bad dreams and I love him and hug him a lot ❤

  4. riley, just wish you could post some pictures of yourself in those adorable white plastic pants! Please, please, please!!!

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