Hello friends! I have a new video for you! 
I’ll be posting some better pics of the crib tomorrow and some of my whole nursery 🙂
I designed and built it myself (with a little help from a friend) and it is really lovely and suuuper comfy.
If you have questions about the construction of the crib, i’ll be posting a step-by-step in the near future.
Thanks for watching, this is video from my new camera, things are going great for me, I am utterly exhausted, from the business in CA (which enabled me to buy the crib and my new HD camera) and filming for television (which was simply *intense*) I have become a bit of a new Riley. I have been on my hormones for the last bit more than ever, my breasts are growing more everyday and my head is in a good place. I’m heading to New Jersey in a few weeks, then to NYC, working and exploring and seeking out adventures that will lead to better awareness of the world around me. I have been to Canada and have ridden the mighty moon worm. I’m online, will be posting more and more and more, so check back! No more weeks off for this little girl!
more stuff soon

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  1. I know it's kind of a weird question, but how do you dispose of dirty diapers? Do you have a diaper pail, do you just throw it in the nearest garbage can, do you have those little individual bags for diapers to contain the smell?

  2. I must admit its nice to see someone out there who is unafraid to show themselves and expose themselves like you have and to truly be comfortable with who you are and what you like and want to be and hopefully soon will be. congratulations

  3. Its so great to see you in a more stable place, and I LOVE your new crib, you look so cute in it. Also you look super cute when you were rubbing your nappy happily after you changed it, your a cute little girl hon.

  4. This post made my evening.

    I'm so glad that life has finally afforded you a level of happy, comfortable stability; you certainly earned it 🙂

    And your crib and its adornments are absolutely adorable; I can't wait for the full nursery tour!

  5. I have worn a violet molicare before my correctional surgery at the Univeristy Clinic of Göttingen, Germany.

    I had to diaper myself due to meatus stenosis with overflow incontinence (clogged ureter). I wish that you will soon reach your goal to diaper yourself like a real baby girl like I do every night.

  6. OH WOW Riley, I love the crib 🙂 You did a fantastic job, very nice sweetie! The video of your diaper change was well done, you managed to change w/o exposing your girly parts and secured the diaper with no trouble at all in a very coordinated fashion. I found it cute how you needed to enjoy the feel of the diaper on you and feel it through the special areas…I think many of us diaper wearers do that. I need to tell you that you didn't pull your tights all the way up, the back of them were below your bottom when you went back to ni ni 😉 Those tights are adorable! I definitely love babies to wear tights and they help to hold the diaper in place too. You video was a very delightful view, thank you for another wonder blog addition. I am so glad life is going well for you.


  7. I'm curious as to what HD camera you purchased. The video quality is superb – and the content was even better.

    It's nice to see you smiling more – your dimples are so cute. You are still my favorite little girl – and I'm virtually giving you a big hug and a pat on your diapered bottom right now.

  8. Thanks for the lovely comments!

    I got a good deal up in Toronto on a Canon XH-A1, an HDV camera, I've had a Canon GL2 for days and really love it, the XH-A1 is a big step-up. It's not the newest or the best out, but it's great for an aspiring indie filmmaker and videographer such as myself 🙂

    I wanted to be able to make the best possible videos, so expect to see more HD stuff from me 🙂

  9. love the crib i just recently build myself a loft bed cause my place is totaly small and made the railings a little high so i could feel like i am sleeping in a crib

  10. Wow I can just see how happy you are radiating off of you when you crawled out of your crib and how little and girly you feel. You really are simply adorable and I'm so happy things are going to much better for you, you've worked hard and you are finally getting what you deserved from all that hard work.

    Also love the crib very interesting design and your bear is super cute and well loved I see. =^.^=

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