7 thoughts on “smiling

  1. awww Riley you are such a cute baby girl, as always the pix you posted are adorable 🙂 I am looking so forward to meeting you at NELIcon.


  2. WOW you are just as adorable if not more so in person, such a happy & smiling girl and I love your soft gentle voice. NELIcon is quite the project doingthe recording, you were “busy busy” I look forward to the final product. Thank you for taking time to spend with me, it was a pleasure to be in your company!

    (I loved the hug, you are a sweetheart)


  3. When I saw your story, just feel that should write this… I don’t know very well, to what place should send this.. So I just will comment here.

    I think that I just want say congratulations… You had the courage to go for your dreams, of going pursue your happiness, and of showing that, of not hiding your face.

    You have the courage to be happy, to change your sex, to be a ab-dl, to be the people that you WOULD like to be!! And not the people that you were born, or the people that the society or your family, expected that you were. The courage to be a WOMAN and ab-dl.

    You don’t care if some assholes maybe think that was crazy, or creep… You refused to use the masks, pretend to be something that was not you… To fit in a hypocritical standard of society ..

    I am writing this because I saw my reflection in you… But different from you, I don’t have your courage, the courage to pursue my happiness, I don't have the courage to don't be that the society and family expected that I’ll be, the courage to CHANGE

    I am a coward with afraid of being rejected if I were the people that I really am .

    You have the pursue to do, what I don’t have. You, and people like you, are an EXAMPLE OF COURAGE to humanity!

    PS: Sorry for any orthographic mistakes, I don’t speak English very well…

  4. I have a courage-related question for yah, Riley… maybe you could write something about it sometime, if thinking about it doesn't bring you down.

    I remember you said you had some trouble long ago with people getting on your case… I'm betting that doesn't happen much these days, since you're pretty much all-girl 😉

    This is a similar topic, but kinda different. What do you think about men hitting on you? Do you get that often? I suppose location has something to do with it and the approach they take, so maybe you don't hang out at alot of sports bars ;p

    I ask 'cause the idea, as a little (and my girly-side is mostly little), is kinda grossed/creeped out by the idea of being looked at like that… I was talking to a girl the other day who my friend got caught looking-up-n-down and he said “what, I'm married, not dead!” and she responded like “oh, that's nothing, you should hear the shit I get from drunks all the time at the bar… one offered to stick his dick between my breasts for a pack of smokes.” I mean, damn. That's not only disgusting, it's downright scary. I don't get much of that as a guy, but even general innuendo kinda creeps me out, so that sorta thing would just floor me if I ever chose to be a girl… Besides that, she's had a lifetime to get used to it and develop a tough skin for that sorta thing, but us…? It'd be pretty new, I think.

    Thoughts? Experiences? Avoidance-techniques?

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