mulling and sniffling

Hello there! I’m just writing to say another quick hello, I’ve been thinking about this last week, my time in Jersey, the Bronx and Brooklyn and the opportunities I have ahead of me. I have a bit of text i’ve written in a couple different states, mentally and geographically, but nothing ready to post. I’ve got a little case of the sniffles, and my brains been a little stormy. I don’t like talking about bad dreams, because I think that just spreads them. The topic i’m trying to breach, this moments darkness comes from Baltimore… I’ve been following @buckangel on twitter and theres been much ado about this article.
Frankly, I’ve been pretty upset about this “shock video” McDonalds assualt on a transwoman article, i don’t recommend watching the video. Essentially some folks beat up a transgirl for using the wrong bathroom… I’ve never been beaten up that bad, but I’ve feared for my life, I’ve been assaulted, I’ve had scary things happen in bathrooms. These things are to the point where I’m having difficulty speaking on it, part of who I am now is getting over some of those negative things and do what I can to make things better, I don’t need to go to that negative space right now. I feel so sorry for that woman, I imagine myself at 22, the fear and vulnerability, confusion. Will it ever get better? Will a petition really change anything, or is it energy in a passive direction when action is needed? What can I possibly do to help?? Seeing this happen kinda makes it seem like nothings changing, and thats whats wearing on my mind…
The news is hardly covering the transgender aspect, there still seems to be a disbelief that transpeople can be innocent victims of hate-crimes, theres always for blame on the victim if the victim is a transgirl. I’m pissed, I’m upset, I’m ready to do bathroom sit-ins and pry off signs, bathrooms are the battlegrounds where the battle for gender equality begins, and it’s not us who started it. I’m seeing other members of the community stand-up and take charge, it makes me feel stronger, makes me feel positive about where we’re going and whats happening… its funny how the news can effect your personal life… since I saw the video about 24 hours ago, it’s been in the front of my mind, getting the wheels spinning, the fire burning. Reality has a way of just crashing down on us like that.
I’m cheering up, ok, i listened to 30 seconds of this and feel a little better. Here’s a picture of my new haircut… I’ve been beaten down, but still feel beautiful.
To all the folks out there on the internets, stay strong, we’re in this together.

(Update) – Here’s a link to an interview with the victim. I fear this incident will be only a reminder of how poorly we’re treated, as opposed to a catalyst for change.

5 thoughts on “mulling and sniffling

  1. OMG that video is a terrible act of hate! Doesn't shock me that it occurred, there are loads of mean ppl in this world but to continue it for so long is very disturbing! That poor girl, I pray that she is physically ok at this point. I hope that she will be able to put this sickening incident behind her eventually. My goodness wtf were those bystanders thinking letting that go on!!! And then none of them had the sense to care for the victim as she was convulsing (ie…move the trash can away, provide something soft for her head) OMG I hope those assailants get theirs and something should be done by the corporation to help that young lady get on with her life. I am angry about this, that was nothing but hate which is not tolerable in this world (especially in our country). I can see how this would affect you Riley. Heck it effected my negatively as well! I just hope that young woman is ok…

    on a cheerier note I watched the “meow thingy” for a minute then I realized it'll go until I leave it, LOL 🙂

    I do love the hair cut pic, thanks for making me smile 😉


  2. …this morning while watching Good Morning America (GMA) they had an interview with the young lady beaten in the Baltimore McDonalds. She looks to be doing well on the physical side but mentally she is scared to death. I was happy to see she is doing ok physically anyway. She is angry about the event understandably so. I'll attach the link to GMA in case you want to view it but you have to go through the whole broadcast and suffer through their commercials “sigh”.


  3. Awful.
    You probably saw this, but it's a pretty good article about the case you're talking about:

    (And a really interesting set of comments which I made my voice LOUD and clear on, I might add. Lol.)

    I don't know if you heard about this indecent in San Francisco, Riley, but they caught the people who beat this woman:

    Anyway, love you. Be safe.

  4. The video is terrible. I saw it on the glenn Beck show and he commented that regardless of who you are we as a society should not treat each other this way. I know you have a thing against the way the media is not covering it. I wish they would cover the actions they are taking aginst the people who beat her up.

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