farm fresh girl

2:00 am May 1st
Hello friends! I’m here in Purchase NY, in the closing hours of a long day… How do you quantify a day? Other than a short little nap somewhere midstate in NY, I’ve been up for something like 40 hours, kinda feels like one long day. This is not so strange for me when i’m on the road, a good nights sleep is a privilege. I’ve been up for many, many, many days in the past and I think I’m starting to show my age a bit. I can’t keep up with these kings card playing, Notorious B.I.G listening kids… Its cool, I’ve been there, whatever, just not feeling it.
7:00 am May 1st
I had a great time yesterday. I slept on the floor between a mattress and a couch, close to an affectionate new girly friend, I am still kinda running on fumes, I’m heading upstate to visit some friends and eventually find my way back to. I’ve been out so much, I miss my crib, I have my Teddy and diapers and a backpack with clothes and supplies, I’m equally used to having all of my possessions on my back and keeping cute on the road. I feel like the last two weeks have been stretched out over an epic trilogy, “Lord of the Rings” meets “Midnight Cowboy”… that’s for the next post.
For this post, I have to share this amazing video randomly shown to me last night. I’m a big fan of Farmers Markets and feeling connected with your food, health education and localization is a big deal. What you put in your body directly effects how you feel, I think much of my confidence and positivity comes from my eating patterns, fruits/veggies, good proteins and avoiding processed foods and just generally eating consciously. I have an intimate connection with my food… and this is a video of someone who feels the same way. This video is very well made, way over the top, not safe for work or really any setting, it’s funny, but not the kind of funny that makes you laugh… it’s weird, sexy, gross, cute and passionate all at the same time. I see some of myself as the girl in this video, just a diapered young woman exploring her body and love of farm fresh food ❤

Enjoy. It’s pretty ridiculous.

out of nowhere from

5 thoughts on “farm fresh girl

  1. Hi Riley!
    First of all, I´m not sure if it was you who was acting in the movie. Then I wish to say that as long as it was played with veggies i was ok with the contents but when it got a play with meat i was very unconfortable. Playing with meat when people around the world are starving gave me bad vibes.
    Sorry if I make you disappointed but that´s basically my feelings. Hope i will be able to support you in your big project even if I didnt really find this part of it great.


    Ingemar from Sweden

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