Hello friends. Here’s the intro & AB part of the show Taboo. 
I have a firm belief that this show is focused on perpetuating stereotypes and showing parts of the subculture in a negative light. This show enforces a desire to conform & live within the standards of society even if it means sacrificing your mental/emotional health.
The couple featured on this show does represent many AB/DL folks out there, and I’m not speaking ill of the manner in which they live, this is just yet another time when a depressive character is featured on TV as an adult baby. That said, he’s an intelligent guy who’s been through quite a life, and I remember following his site when I was first starting out online. I’ve seen posts by that he was “misquoted” by NatGeo, something I tryed to avoid by staying on-point with the film crew.
This makes me excited about my first chance to represent us on the national level. Again, I can’t speak very much about it, but I’m just really looking forward to showing us as happy, worldly, energetic folks who just have a different way than some to pursue happiness. And even if it turns out more negative than I expected, they contacted me initially and were going to make the episode with or without my involvement, I’m sure I’m not the worst choice out there.
Here’s the video, share where you please. I’m not sure if it’s going to be taken down by Vimeo, but I’ll keep vigilant about posting it. 
Feel free to download the full episode (350 Megs) from my Dropbox… don’t tell NatGeo what i’m doing here 😛

8 thoughts on “tabooooooooo

  1. I've seen the same sort of thing happening on Sexcetera. They only show one very specific type of fetishist, they only show males, and they have a tendency to specially cast obese people.

    It's quite odd how shows about breaking stereotypes end up reinforcing them so often.

  2. The video seemed mildly positive IMO. They showed infantilism as a theraputic coping mechanism, indicating it's better than drinking and drugs and doesn't hurt anyone.

    “Taboo” showed adult babies more seriously and more positively than MTV's “Plushies and Furries” did showing Furries back in 2004.

    They could have made it much worse, like a Jerry Springer episode.


  3. I'm not trying to be too negative, if you read more of Charlie on his website, he expresses himself better online. I think it was thoughtful, but with an overall tone of us v. them mentality. That's just good trash television.

  4. Well it could be worse, the best shows was the very early springer ones with Tommy of dpf and Angela and a Sissy truck driver. It seems to me that springer wasn't being an ass yet. And his audience was a bunch of brainless idiots either which helped make the show much more positive.

  5. i belive we where represented in a much more positive light then what i have seen in the past i was rather impressed about it honestly though your right rylie it could have been done better

  6. Hi Riley! =D
    Thank you for putting this up. I was wondering if you saw it or not…but thinking about it now..I should ask what AB/DL type DIDN'T see it! Stanley is a friend of mine, and we hang out now and then when I'm up in that neighborhood. I've only seen the youtube vid, but I think it came out a lot better then most other previous things done over time.
    Congrats on doing a segment yourself, and becoming an 'international' persona! I was thinking that maybe both you and Stanley could do something together as a kind of cross over. But evidently you have moved to The east Coast and he's out here in Norcal…
    Anyways, nice to to see you still plugging away and just doing what you do and being who you are =D I pop in now and then to check things out, and see what other people are up to.
    Just wanted to pop in and say “HI” and thanks for being supportive of Stanley. He's a good guy, and he chose to do the episode for the community, and try and put some BS about us to rest and show the community in a more positive light. He asks nothing in return and just wanted to make the best contribution he could.
    Good luck with your shoot, and maybe this whole thing might come out a lot better for the efforts of those of you out in front.


  7. Aww, thank you for posting this! I loved it and can't wait to share this with my Daddy Dom! It would definitely come in handy to explain my age regression if my growing abdl fascination meets my vanilla friends and/or family! ❤

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