Hello friends! I’m here in Purchase NY, in the closing hours of a long day… How do you quantify a day (in the life)? Other than a short little nap somewhere midstate in NY, i’ve been up for something like 40 hours, not so strange for me when i’m on the road, sleep is a luxury. I’ve been up for many, many, many days in the past and I think I’m starting to show my age a bit. I can’t keep up with these kings card playing, Notorious B.I.G listening kids… Its cool, I’ve been there, whatevs, just not feeling it.

-Next morning————————

I had a great time yesterday. I slept on the floor between a mattress and a couch, close to an affectionate new girly friend, I am still kinda running on fumes, I’m heading upstate to visit some friends and eventually find my way back to my little apartment. I’ve been out so much, I miss my crib, I have my Teddy and diapers and a backpack with clothes and supplies, I’m equally used to having all of my possessions on my back and keeping cute on the road. I feel like the last two weeks have been stretched out over an epic trilogy, Lord of the Riley, something like that… here it goes, the last 2 weeks or so, the motion picture.


The first movie is about a young girl who shows up in NYC, everything important to her on her back, camera in hand, looking for opportunities, friends, adventure!  Like a midnight cowgirl, shes willing to do whatever it takes to be successful, but also refuses to sacrifice her own morals to get there. She sees herself slowly undressing in front of the camera, she feels special and beautiful and empowered, she feels like her is just a way to get people to open up to what’s in her mind. She meets old friends who have escaped her hometown and are changing the world, she too has big city aspirations. Is this place for her? Is She capable of learning/doing what she needs to flourish there. We follow her from a gathering of minds in Jersey to an artists compound in the Bronx to the bars, smoke filled rooms and underground clubs of Brooklyn, meeting visual artists, writers and innovators along the way.

The second film has a darker tone, our hero finds herself in a place not too far from the city, but the mindstate is worlds away. She finds herself floundering, feeling lost and directionless, without motivation or structure. She struggles in the suburbs, happy & appreciative of the kindness she’s been shown, but she’s hungry and this place she fears will not sate her. Our flower needs a garden growing tall around her be inspired, motivated, to open her petals to the world. She finds herself feeling the same sadness she did in her place of origin, she just wants to blossom but sometimes the suns rays are obscured.

In the 3rd chapter (by no means a finale) we again see her life in a bag, heading towards the city. She arrives in a bizarre microcosm of the world called “college”. She sees her life if circumstances were different, she’s not jealous, she’s happy with her path regardless of the adversity she’s faced. Her prized possession is her experiences, she doesn’t have all the facts but she’s had the real life tests. She realizes that she can’t make it all happen by herself, a fellowship must be formed  to make a  real difference, what she’s up against is bigger than one person. Drawing from the strength of the people around her, the trifecta (triforce?) of ideas, adventures and opportunities join together, she knows that anything is possible. The film ends with our hero sitting on a Greyhound, she draws her sword and puts it to paper…

Fade out, roll credits, lights come on, the palettes have swapped their reels and everyone has left the theatre, but everyone involved knows that’s she’s still out there and her quest is far from over ❤

One thought on “triflections

  1. ohhh little Riley, you hustle about trying to meet all your expectations and make a difference in this world. You go here, you go there likely thinking several steps ahead of the time you are at for a moment, “busy, busy, busy” then the crash from exhaustion – that is when you flounder and feel lost. I think some quiet time is in order for you “you & your teddy in your own crib” that'll re-energize you honey. Those 3 chapters are good and I look forward to the next chapters, hang in there and I wish you well Riley!


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