*awful* (or) diapers at wal-mart

here’s a youtube video posted this morning

This was the first thing I saw online today. It’s pretty awful. She’s wearing shorts under her diaper, so it’s not that crazy, but still. My brain goes two ways on this. I really like seeing girls in diapers… It’s something I can’t avoid being attracted to. I also like seeing people act like members of a society, and maybe resist being totally trashy. I’m sure this happens all the time, but when it’s associated with AB/DL it tends to be an entirely negative thing. 
I can see the timeline for this video in my head…
Guy gets girlfriend to go out on a dare, either because he likes diapers like us, or just chose it at random.
Girl gets off her shift at “the mall”, smokes a pack of Virginia Slims and meets with her awful friends to go do this thing.
Films it, puts it online, folks like myself find it almost immediately.
The trolls of the ABDL community send out a ton of awful messages and comments, making us all look like illiterate perverts.
Girl/Guy react poorly, take it offline or just make awful reaction videos
nothing is gained.
Now that we’ve got a timeline, I submit to you 4 seemingly related ideas.
Wal-Mart isn’t a good store, but I understand some communities lack anything else. 
It’s sometimes OK to not wear shoes, it’s nice to have the natural movement and can be healthy while training.
Going in public and doing goofy things is a unique part of being young, and can be harmless fun
There are a large influx of Hispanic people in this country that have the same access to jobs as us.
Separate, these things are common factors in many peoples lives. 
If you are being racist against Mexicans while Shoeless in a Wal-Mart as your girlfriend takes off the diaper she was wearing as a dare, you are fucking awful, knock it off.
Ok, I’m going to go do some yoga as the sun comes up over Manhattan. I hope the internet doesn’t fail so hard the rest of the day. Next post, expect more awesome and less awful 🙂

…final thought, I had fun writing this post, and at no point was actually upset about anything…maybe the Mexicans thing, but it helped prove my point, whatever that was.

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