cute room NYC

Hey there! I’m about to head out to some post-mermaid parade festivities to do some “networking” with local kinksters. Tomorrow is Folsom Street East, the kinky street fair, i’ll be there on scene reporting back 🙂
a little video showing off my new room, nothing big, just a little update.
 I’m off to adventure around the city, more stuff soooooon 🙂
EDIT the suns coming up, here’s the embed

7 thoughts on “cute room NYC

  1. hey riley I love your little living quarters, thanks for showing us. you are filling out that top nicely and looking and sounding so healthy and happy, YAY4u!

    much love to you riley 🙂


  2. Nice.

    I'm actually an abdl whose been living here in NYC for just over a year. Been trying to find abdl events in the city where we could be a community, but there doesn't seem to be much going on. Perhaps that is worth changing.


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