Here’s a video of the 2011 Trans Day of Action in NYC.

I’d like to clarify a couple comments in the video…
I have a strong belief that Trans-people are a VERY at risk group of people, for suicide, drugs, violence, rape, depression, homelessness, the statistics are there, it’s why days like this are so important. I wa a bit disheartened by the amount of time they spent on the “War for Oil”, there’s so much to be said about being trans and transrights, covering too much can distract from the point. 
As for my feelings about Pride, I think it;s a good thing, but much like many other things I find precious, It’s been overrun by corporate entities and advertising. It’s marketing this image of what it is to be gay, and that doesn’t sit well with me. The overwhelming presence of companies like Anheuser-Busch, it seems to be a step-backwards in our progress as a culture, focusing on our vices not on the path ahead.
It’s tough for me a little bit, when filming at an event like this, I generally feel out of place due to mot folks seeing me as a genetic female, like I’m an outsider looking in, and on the opposite end, when I’m at more gay/lesbian events, I am a bit out of place for being trans, something many folk still don’t understand (or venture to understand). 
There’s a ton of positive things going on and some negative trends as well, I think it;s important for the community to unite and find a proper groove, things are getting better and better for LGBT people everyday, lets not stop now!

2 thoughts on “transaction

  1. It's definitely true that the community needs to stick together. It seems inevitable that any movement gets monetized and turned into merchandising, but that just means the people have to keep being real.

    What I mean is, the parades and special days are all good and well. But life isn't filled with parades. As long as the people in the movement are present and affect the people around them, as you are doing, there's bright times ahead.

    Though I'd love to represent being ace at one of those things sometime.

  2. Thanks for the documentary!
    I definitely agree about the corporate thing, I felt that strongly when I was at SF's Pride a couple years back. But your comment about Anheuser-Busch just made me think… I mean, maybe I'm generalizing too much, but most of the anti-gay types are “Good-ol American Beer” drinkers… so AB is going on quite a limb to support Pride.
    Also about the war-for-oilers (and Socialists), they were at a couple protests here that were, at best, not even remotely related… and they kinda took the show when we were there to honor a man unjustly shot by police. It's too bad when that happens, I was disgusted.

    (Hah, and now they're taking the stage in your comments section. Sorry)

    It's really cool that you're at the fore-front of this stuff, Riley, and making it available to the rest of us. Major props and thanks.

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