expose myself

Hello Internet! It’s been quite a week (month, year..) and I’m writing to fill you in on some of the intimate details. But first…


I’ve received so much love and emotional support from friends in the community, I can’t express how much it means to me. I feel accepted, and the positive feedback has been overwhelming.

My show came out, it was a minor success and though I can’t speak on it in detail, I can clarify a thing or two.

1.) Being trans doesn’t mean you’re ABDL, Being ABDL doesn’t mean you’re trans.

2.) This has nothing to do with real children

3.) I am not “addicted” to this in the general sense of the term. It’s a lifestyle for me, a hobby, a fetish, and a love. It makes me happy!

4.) I still have a good relationship with my friends and I only have positive things to say about them.

5.) Not everything on TV is as it seems, the more it touts itself as reality, the more deceptive it is. A good editor can make you believe almost anything.

6.) I am still learning constantly, Riley Kilo, this blog and ABDL in general are means to express things that I otherwise couldn’t on my own.

7.) The weight of experience, memory is sometimes very heavy, and a person can improve themselves by alleviating that weight, if only once in a while. To quote lifestyle little Candi McBride, “Regression is my anti-drug”

7.) I still make mistakes, I still have bouts of depression, I’m still going through trying times in this journey to find myself and to accomplish these things I’ve set out to do, network, find a career, be creative, learn, experience, help others, love and be loved.

8.) I’m going to be around for a long time, we’re going to look back on this and laugh.

I’ve spoken to a few media outlets and will likely speak to more, at first the feedback was pretty negative based off of the commercials, but the bloggers that saw the whole episode and have experience with subculture/media (exploitative or otherwise) have had a more balanced perspective. I applaud the folks who have helped build awareness towards themselves and the community by commenting in a concise, educated manner on the various places to do so online. There’s a fine line between feeding trolls and speaking your mind, and there’s some very well written perspectives out there to thin out the threats of violence and internet bickering.

From now on you’ll probably see much more of me and my diapered friends, I just bought a new laptop to replace my dearly departed desktop. I’m still making “naughty videos”, you can contact me in regards to that, “private videos” is a good subject line. I’m looking for transgirls, pornographers and producers in NYC that want to get involved in my adult career, I shoot/edit HDV and need studio space and like-minded people to work with. I’m in model condition, and am getting a site together with a well-known studio, use the contact form on the top of the page to get a hold of me.

With that said, my only interest isn’t in talking to pornographers, contact me if you’re curious about my lifestyle, curious about feelings you’re having about trans or ABDL within yourself, or anything in those regards. I try to get back to everyone who’s written me something considerate (I prefer direct questions and concise emails, please consider how many I get) and I always answer diapered transgirls first ❤ I'll be doing more webcasts in the near future, so keep any eye out on those! Sorry teen babies, I don't answer emails from anyone under 18, you shouldn't even be reading this right now! (respect to teens expressing themselves)

I’ll leave you with this collection of clips from The Soup featuring me. This makes me one step closer to Greg Kinnear, my dream daddy. Someday this little girl will give her heart to a prince who loves crinkly bottoms and everything else that makes me who I am, but for now i’m happy doing my thing, single doesn’t mean lonely. I’ll be answering letters, posting some new videos and keeping busy in my daily life. Ignore the trolls and thanks for the backup, your little star, Riley Kilo ❤

Pony up

I’m at a My Little Pony convention in NYC! (BroNYCon)

I’m having a viewing of my episode LIVE in midtown Manhattan followed by a reaction reaction livecast after the show, 10:30 EST right here at RileyKilo.com 🙂

More stuff soooon!