mommy lessons

Here’s a little clip from NELIcon, to give you an idea of some of the festivities. I’m keeping the videos private as a matter of discretion to the attendees. A little snippet of video, Mommy Sarah was a sweet, kind person to meet and a great contribution to the event. Last night in Manhattan I was discussing the prevalence of ageplay in modern kink society with a friend I met at NELIcon, we discussed the expansion and acceptance of ageplay on a whole. 5 years ago you couldn’t teach a class on ageplay at a kink society or dungeon space, and now many groups are exploring and acknowledging their “Little” members. I hope to extend my knowledge to these groups, maybe do a couple tutorials. I need to make that content for the internet in a more clear and concise way and then venture out into teaching and organizing events in the real world, not just attending. 
Enjoy, more stuff soooooon!

8 thoughts on “mommy lessons

  1. if someone wanted to get info on that type of subject or just being a dom to a ab/dl in general in maybe a professional sense is there a place to go to get such info?

  2. Fetlife is a good resource to meet other folks into bdsm, and the groups are equally resourceful and squabbly/infighty, I'd check out there for some one-on-one interaction with other kinky people.

  3. Thanks Riley!! You rock and the video looks great. Was amazing to meet you and everyone else at NELIcon and can't wait to do it next year!

    ~Mommy Sarah

  4. This video highlighting Mommy Sarah brings tears to our eyes. She is to be commended for bringing her warm, friendly and open attitude to NELIcon and for educating the littles in a way that made us excited with hope and possibility thinking.

    “Yes Virginia there ARE mommies out there who care about you!”

    “We love you Mommy Sarah!”

    Hats Off! to Riley Kilo, the Official NELIcon Videographer for making the preservation of numerous event presentations and vignetttes possible. Your willingness to participate in a professional capacity was key to the success of our first major annual event and we are greatful to you for your enthusiasm and willingness to share you considerable talent.

    Several of the producers of NELIcon actually missed several presentations as we were quite busy performing administrative tasks – this is the only way we have of experiencing these presentations Thanks to Riley!

    The NELIcon Twelve

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