some of that strange

TVGuide – A woman wears wet diapers, choosing to live as an adult baby and escape the stresses of the real world.
MSN – Riley chooses to live as an adult baby; Charmissa chews on dryer sheets for up to 10 hours a day.
PressRelease – 25-year-old Riley who spends her leisure time in her crib in diapers
Well this is exciting! As I’ve mentioned before, it’s not my place to speak about the production aspects of the show, but there are a few things I’d like to address to help smoothe over some of the discussions I’ve seen online.


-I did not produce this show and it was going to be made regardless of my participation.

-I did not seek the show out, I was contacted by the producers.

-“My Strange Addiction” takes liberties on the term “Addiction”, within the context of the show it means “something you pretty much can’t live without” and I feel that way about diapers. The show is not Intervention.
-I have been 24/7 in diapers in the past and currently only wear occasionally, there’s an ebb and flow to my interest.
-I believe I have a positive outlook on my life choices and acknowledge my need for regression/little time.
-I understand how diapers and ageplay compliment my gender and sexuality but are not mutually inclusive to either.
-I am not ABDL as a result of abuse and don’t consider that to be the norm.
-I I have experience in television and understand how the media works, I often look at things from an editors point of view.
-I am not a pedophile, nor am I classist, racist, sexist or any other form of ignorance forced onto others.
-I am not on government assistance or vulnerable to those who will attempt to tear me down. I am unfuckwithable.
-I do not follow any “scenes” or trends that elicit immediate disdain from outsiders, I pretty much do my own thing and let others do theirs.
-I am a radical queer that understands you catch more flies with honey than with anarchy.
-I’m a self-made, financially stable taxpayer, and i’m going to be president someday.
When I was 11, I saw the first ever broadcast of a woman kissing another woman… this is not going to be that. I don’t think my appearance on this show will change anything in the daily lives of AB/DL people, we’re not going to all of a sudden be accepted. The whole reason why I make this blog and why i’ve been so open about who and what I am, is the crushing shame I felt as a young person with hidden desires. I care about how WE (huddled masses yearning to breathe free) feel about us, we don’t need societies approval, we need to feel good about ourselves. The feedback I receive on this site leads me to believe that my posts/videos really do help folks with the inner turmoil that comes from being ostracized by society. Going on this show was a welcome opportunity when it was presented to me, and if you’ve been reading my blog over the last 5 years you’ll know that I will be able to handle whatever this exposure leads to, good or bad. Similarly, if anyone questions my legitimacy, they can read my story to get a better idea who this smiley little girl on their TV set is.
More stuff soon, stay positive, thanks for the positive support all over the nets and be sure not to feed the trolls. I’m happy, so busy that I can’t barely manage it all, but I think I should be able to take a little break early next decade 🙂

more stuff soon ❤

9 thoughts on “some of that strange

  1. I said elsewhere that I didn't think the community needed to worry about your show (given that previous shows haven't always worked out too well in the aftermath) and this post kinda says why I think that. We can all see you're strong and positive enough & haven't underestimated the public attention it will probably bring.

    I hope you don't think that when I asked if you felt you were 'addicted' that I was being negative, it was an honest question. I've only seen a few My Strange Addictions and they were all about people doing stuff that was dangerous which obviously isn't the case with this one 🙂

  2. There was a furry from Attica, IL that was on My Strange Addiction, but I don't feel furry is an addiction. It's a lifestyle, but I guess, like you said, they take liberties as to what an addiction is. As of this point, the media hasn't combined to two, and perhaps that could be due to many furries disliking babyfurs. It's tough representing babyfurs when you're constantly hearing stories that give babyfurs a bad rep, and 99% of the time, they're either completely fabricated or it's someone outside of the group (trolls) doing it just to make us look bad.

    I'll keep moving forward, and you do the same, Riley. We're free thinkers, and maybe we can inspire others do think freely as well.

  3. Your are an inspiration to me Riley, i am only a transvestite for femininity, i feel feminine more than masculine usually but i am happy with my body for the most part. I do wear diapers, but not for a fetish or liking but out of necessity, i have a neurological disorder (yet to be diagnosed) that has caused nerve damage in my spine and made me lose control of my bladder and my bowels. But enough of my sob story, back to the real reason i am commenting

    Like i said you are an inspiration to me, i first came across your page on youtube (letsgetsrs) when i was looking for hormone effect changes on a male when they begin therapy for my friend Kyle (Anita) she is going through the beginning stages and wanted to know the negatives/positives of hormones and i found your page. I have since subscribed and watched all your vids and read your blogs.

    I am inspired by you because just seeing someone who knows who/what they truly are underneath and wants to change it, most people will just do what i do and dress up or pretend, but you madam are going the whole nine yards and making yourself truly whole. and seeing that level of commitment and power in one person truly inspires me.

    ~Thank you for your time Ms. Kilo i hope that one day i will get to meet you or at least have a conversation with you via internet or anything of that sort.

    Joey McBride, from Iowa.

  4. Well, at least they got someone who doesn't seem like an absolute perv to do the episode. Most of these shows pick the most outrageously deviant examples they can find, I guess to discourage others from being themselves. (anyone remember that creepy-looking furry “morning bear” from 1000 ways to die?)but this time they got you, and hopefully you'll convince them that we're not evil, and maybe you'll be the girl that finally breaks the wall of silence. GO GET 'EM, RILEY!

  5. Riley You are so amazing! Good luck with the show, I look forward to seeing it. I know I speak for many when I say that your openness and understanding of what so many of us have difficulty understanding and expressing is a spectacular help to the ostracized people of our unique Interest. You have helped me see something in myself that makes me different rather then looking for something to make me acceptable. In times of turmoil dealing with friends and family your frankness and Bravery have helped me through. Thank You
    You are truly a hero of our Lifestyle.


  6. I am SO proud of the fact that you were so open about who you are and everything. Im not transgender or anything. Only a pansexual male. But regardless of that, I find your courage unbelievably amazing!! I have SOO much respect for you. And not only that, youre ADORABLE! lol. But good luck to you and everything you strive for!! ^_^

  7. Riley,

    Thanks for representing us well! Your adorable, and I think represented our community quite well!

    Also, your gorgeous by the way, I'm dating a Transgirl who is waiting to come back from iraq, to start HRT and all that. I wish she were as open to the ABDL side as you are!


    (If you like, drop me a line, I'm on RUP and all that too if you are, you can connect with me there if you want)

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