11 thoughts on “normal, strange, unique

  1. I have to totaly agree, I was looking at some of the older videos and then seeing you in this one you are just so postive and taking on life. You are just fantastic. Thanks for sharing your life with us.

    I know I am better for knowing you.

  2. I am so uplifted by your updates, not only cause i feel feminine myself (not enough for SRS, but enough to identify myself as more female than male) and because i wear diapers 24/7, And you make me feel like less of a “freak”

    The feminine thing is all my own doing, its just how i feel about myself and i am perfectly ok with that so is my lovely fiance'.

    The diapers are more of a necessity than for pleasure. I wear because i have a neurological condition (yet to be diagnosed) that has caused incontinence of both bowel and bladder, and partial paralysis of my feet and hands. It sucks but i am dealing with it one step at a time. Knowing that there are people out there that are in diapers and happy brightens my mood a lot. Makes me see a better side to it. It went from (in my mind) as “oh god i am screwed, everyone is going to make fun of me” to “ehh its really just extra clothing.”

    Much to my suprise all my friends and family have been super supportive and i am grateful. Ms. Riley you brighten my mood so much with how lively you are and everything in your life is going so well. I love seeing your updates and hearing of your boy-girl transformation and such. Best of luck on all your endeavors and i hope you have a wonderful rest of the summer.
    <3 *hugs*
    Joey McBride, in Iowa.

  3. Really great video, I'm wondering how you make it you. I wear a long time and also have a web site with new pictures.

    Keep it up and everything good with you.

  4. You have a message the world needs to see. Disregard the hyena's as they nip at each others heals. There is a well-defined and growing segment of society that appreciates what you are doing for them. We love you!

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