5 thoughts on “favorite

  1. Built to Spill and Doug Martsch rock!
    I started to listen them thanks to your blog!

    Have you ever head The Replacements?
    It's an 80's band, they are from MN like Robert Allen Zimmerman (Bob Dylan =P) and Husker Dü another great band from Minnesota.

    Another great band that I've been listening last week is Wayne County and The Electric Chairs (Now Jayne County she is a trans like you!)


    I'm also a big fan of the New York Dolls and Johnny Thunders too!


    Cheers From Argentina!

    P.S.: I've added you on G+, if you want you can add me too, it will be easy to find me, I'm the only Argie boy following you there. lol

    Take Care


  2. Hi Riley 🙂

    Cute video! I love you laying in the Molicare hugging your teddy with your cute pink bra on. I enjoyed it so much, you look adorable as always 🙂 The music was completely new to me. I plan on checking Doug and Built To Spill very soon like tcp, hopefully I'll like them enough to Ipod it. You turned me onto the band Riley Kilo also. tcp I plan on checking out the others you mentioned also. I saw the NYDolls this past Sunday (7/31). They played in support of Motley Crue, I was amazed at how many ppl who showed to see “the Dolls”, it was the first time I saw them or listened to them. I really liked them!!! I am collecting their music as I write this.

    I'll close now – Riley keep on smiling young lady 🙂 Thanks for sharing your life with us.


  3. Cute! How does if feel wearing a diaper all snuggled in a onesie and blanket? I bet it feels comforting and amazing!

  4. wow riley you are so cute i am some what like you i am a male that fills like i was born in the wronge body i also wear diapers and like to be treated like a baby girl i would love to be freinds with you i would liketo come out like you did

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