media roundup

Hello friends! I’m making a little post to direct you to a couple interviews/notable media pieces I’ve been involved with. I apologize for not posting more, but there is a method to my madness, and I am still around and well (as well as any struggling artist can be in NYC). I’ve been trying to minimize my exposure while i’m doing my rounds in the press, I’d like folks to see the site and what I do as an ongoing piece of self-expression, as opposed to a “Look at meeeeee” pattern that is easy to fall into as a blogger. I’m doing my own thing, shooting video and working on projects, expect to see the fruits of my labor once the dust settles a bit.
I’ve got a press agent in the UK working on my story, a photojournalist just left after taking some portraits for a “faces of fetish” project he’s working on, and i’m being flirted with by a couple other media outlets. I’ve been posted and analyzed by a number of blogs, a 50/50 split of good and bad press. Aaaaand of course, the AB’s are still upset that i’m trans, and the trans people are still pissed that i’m AB/DL, and the general public is reacting with gaping maws and vigilant trolling. Still, as I’ve mentioned in the past most of my readers and people that have responded directly here have been kind and supportive of my decision to get my story out there. Thanks ❤
So here we are, check these out… 

There’s a ton of blogs that aren’t really worth mentioning, and you can find comments/etc on various videos where there’s discussion going on, mostly horrible. As I mentioned, look forward to more stuff soon! I’ve attached a short little (fake)french film I made back in 2006, a favorite project of mine. It was for a 10-day filmmaking event focused around the theme “Love, Loss, Redemption and the Afterparty”. Here’s the movie and the write-up, enjoy this little tongue-in-cheek ode to the saddest movies in the world.
“Best Random Act of Artistic Audacity”
Riley Kilo took up the 2006 Sacramento International Film and Music Festival’s 10×10 Filmmaker Challenge–to make a flick of no more than 10 minutes in no more than 10 days–with aplomb. Having bravely led a discussion on the brutal cinematic angst of Gaspar Noé at the French Film Fest a few weeks earlier, Kilo went on hilariously and ingeniously to send up arty, existential Euro-poseur vanity in his own nimble short film, L’ordre de reptillian du jour (The Reptilian Agenda). The brief tale of a suicidal mope narrating his despair in pouty pidgin French (with help from subtitles), L’ordre is but one of Riley’s “Random Acts,” an ongoing series of happenings he describes as a “mixture of performance art, independent media street theatre, live music, and poetry.” His character in the movie may be “overcome with shame and remorse,” but the actor and director should be duly proud. (Source: SN&R- September 28th, 2006)
(I guess I was a he back then 😛 I used my christian name, so I changed it later on)

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