9 thoughts on “sweet dreams

  1. so that is what happened. all you did was wake up and show your diaper more. guess someone on the site seen it and thought it wasn't appropriate. i was me on there BTW.

  2. Chances are, Riley just got banned because she's into diapers–that's how it usually goes with this kind of thing; it only takes one person to report something to get it banned, even though we all enjoy it. 😉

    I wish people could stop being so weird about this. I like Blogspot's and Flickr's approach: allow (almost) everything, but if it's something “adult” put a little warning up. The warning's annoying to readers, for sure, but it does make for a nice compromise.

  3. It was interesting, waking up and having people watching me… I can assume there was a moderator on Tinychat keeping me in the background, since I had been running my cam for about 5 hours before I woke up. When I did wake up, I'm not surprised I got banned, showing off my wet-diaper is probably a bannable offense 😛 There wouldn't have been anyone in there that wasn't from my blog so I wasn't like, trying to expose myself or anything, I just happened to have a mod watching? There's trolls that follow this blog, and would likely find that and report me to tinychat as well. Internet!

  4. i kinda thought it might happen when there was a report this cam on the video you could click. funny you can be on tv but a web site is just too much. the your page is still there it seems too for some reason.

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