5 thoughts on “Stormy

  1. Hi Riley I jut found your site today and I have to say you maybe one of the most dynamic people I've ever come across! I live in Buffalo also actually Tonawanda. I feel like Ive been missing out not knowing you all this time. Anyways I hope the storm safely passed you by.

  2. Hi girl, I'm not in to that at all, but I am a very sensitive person and I get involve with almost everything and everybody, which is not very healthy, but that's my way.

    I'm ok with people wearing diapers, I'm ok with infantilism, with AB, but reading your twitter it came to me that you have a pervert side (I am saying that with all my respect to you), and from my view a pervert side is a place where people hurt themselves (an others too) in some way, and I wouldn't like you to hurt yourself cuz you are a really sweet and nice person, so take care, be happy, but don't hurt youself. Maybe is someone in the past hurted you, let that flow, and keep loving yourserlf.

    Kind Regards!

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