Hello there friends! I’m here in NYC with my little girl – she’s giving me a ride upstate today, I have the work of the lord to do in Toronto this week and could use some time out of the city. I am tired, I have been running around, doing my thing, trying to survive this lifestyle as an independant. Things are going good otherwise…

good thing – went to the doctor, 100% clean of any STD/STI’s, got my hormones etc – was diagnosed as Anemic (iron deficiancy) and am supplementing with Iron, good excuse to eat red meat, feeling a little bit better, for a while I was really dragging, ignoring my body telling me to slow down.

good thing – excursion to London around Oct. 10th is still on, a number of recent media things have been canceled for various reasons, bad luck/weather but that might be for the best. I’m excited about my next show, and will continue telling my story on here

good thing – after swapping out some RAM and getting a new proccer fan my computer is back in working order. I also recently sold my Canon XH-A1 for something more modern and compact, I miss my HDV camera but needed something that I felt comfortable taking to shows etc – my old camera was the size of my torso. So half of that went to buying a new little AVCHD camera and the other half went to HPV inoculation (good idea for sexually active folks) and other medical bills, this city is expensive

good thing – I’m still single, still kinda floundering, working with a group of avant-garde artists here in the Bronx, hungout with Peaches and crashed the Calvin Klein fashion week tents with mustachio’d topless folks – can’t forget Reverend Billy and #OccupyWallSt protests… I have lots of video to edit/publish and that’s awesome. Not getting a ton of freelance work, struggling but making my mark.

good thing – I’m moving out of my apartment in 40 days. I don’t know where I’m going from there, but I have options and ideas, Los Angeles being one of the better ones.

good thing – I woke up in a crinkly wet diaper this morning, and the weathers allowed me to wear again, feeling little. I have a strong desire to regress at this point, and in my little upstate nursery I hope to find the time/mental state to be able to embrace my little side more. I sometimes feel I’m too cold, too calculating to really be a little girl, but that’s not what others see. Especially when seeing others play the role so well I get really excited about being a little girl… my motivation to do it alone has dwindled… this little girl needs to be kept in her diapers 😛

good thing – I have been changing my fair share of diapers on sissies in the city, I need to legitimize what I do and turn it into taxable income.

good thing – I’ve slowed down on camming – my body is changing and I’m not forcing myself to be sexual when the mood doesn’t strike. My virility is in question as it never has been before, I’m getting closer to non-functioning, and with no plan for SRS that’s kinda scary… at the same time, I’ve always said I like my penis but don’t like erections, and that’s where I’m getting to.

good thing – I got all of my name/gender change information and my court orders, so if I could afford SRS, I have my letter of approval.

Lots of good things, a couple not-so-good things, lack of motivation/overly stressed/relationship with my father has deteriorated to the extent that I doubt we’ll ever speak again… it’s his choice. Those things are small drops in the bucket of my life, not letting them get to me.

More stuff soon, I’ll be doing a livecast from my Nursery sometime this week, I’ll keep you informed. I’ll be posting more, I promise!

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