Good morning Internet! It’s a lovely, overcast Tuesday morning here in the Bronx, it probably won’t be by the time I’m done with this post, I’m probably going to write for a while, I have a whole morning free ❤ I’m feeling good, had a good day at the DMV changing my stuff yesterday, got my SRS letter from my doctor, I’m happy and healthy, alive, I hope you are too! *no offense to my zombie readers

Now that you’re here, let’s have a little chat, shall we? Nothing serious, just some thoughts… then pics 🙂

I know I need to post more, if you’ve been following this blog for a while now you know there’s an ebb and flow to my posting over the years, long silences etc. I need to push myself during the times when I lack motivation or have conflicting feelings, if I just don’t feel like writing or if I judge my writing too harshly. I’ve been kinda lazy, posting on Twitter instead of taking the time to really construct my thoughts and feelings into an actual post. It’s so easy to do the little single-serving updates, nice to get the little bits of attention, but it’s not the same as actually writing something or making a video. I can’t deny the catharsis that this little corner of the Internet provides me, how I can reflect off the views of my friends and followers and share my thoughts, insecurities, successes and failures. This blog has quite literally kept me alive over the last few years, it’s kept me motivated, it’s blessed me with meeting some really great people and continues to be a necessary creative outlet.

One of the most common e-mails I’ve been getting lately I’ve been getting E-mails wishing that I should post more, and I will. The negative influences have kinda moved on so I’m not dealing with compromised accounts or flagging as I was immediately after the show came out. I’m not as paranoid about what I post about, I can be a little more transparent, open. The e-mails and attention got a bit overwhelming at a point and instead of hating it, I just backed away for a hot second… I have such lovely things to show you since we last spoke 🙂 I think i’ve spent enough time reiterating all of this, lets move on to the reason why we’re all here… cute diaper pics 🙂

Lately I’ve been all over the place, exploring the city, networking, filming, organizing with others, experiencing a ton of stuff, and I’ve been crinkly most of the time. I’ve been tweeting about some of my diapered adventures on my @RileyBBQ account. I know me reliving my old twitter posts sounds really exciting, but it’ll be fun, lets step into the wayback machine and I’ll share some pics and contexts 🙂

Let’s start when I first moved to NYC…

May 28th
goodbye for now crib, NYC here I come 🙂

I was about to move from my safe but sedentary, little girl world in Buffalo to an artist loft in the Bronx. I was nervous, kinda scared, excited and emotional – this picture was taken moments before I left.
June 4th
Good times with friends then cuddles to come home to 🙂

My roomates’ kitty Fellow hanging out with my bear – I was just starting to realize that Fellow is a maniac. I didn’t know a ton of people in NYC, it was good to have friends to come home to.
June 6th
Admiring my newfound curves while getting dressed up for a namechange clinic that never happened 😦 new post soon!
Crinkly and Curvy ❤
June 10th
leaving to meet with a potential new photographer, exciting 🙂 
staykinky & getting closer to reality 🙂

I’ve met some really cool people since I’ve moved here, the photographer I spoke with at coffee on that day was one of them, we’ve got some good stuff 🙂 I also love my room, it was built days before I moved in, inside of a larger loft, it’s awesome. 

June 10
Cratedigging kitty 🙂 

I love vinyl records, for real, I’m like Gábor Csupó, if the bombs start dropping and I could only save one thing, it would be a few select vinyl records. 
I like kitties too, I like my friends kitty, but not as much as vinyl. Sorry kitty.

I’ll be posting another set tomorrow! I promise! More stuff sooooon ❤

oh here’s a couple more from around the same time 😛 



9 thoughts on “twitterpated

  1. a clinic in this sense would be a synonym for tutorial or class – the meeting was supposed to feature a lawyer from the Transgender Legal Defense and Education Fund and give instructions on how to go through the process. I just ended up contacting them directly and they helped me from the first application to the finish, trans aware and pro-bono.

  2. Oh my, us non-twitterers were missing out on a lot of Riley!

    (Thanks for removing the feed from the front-page, too… it was really slowing down my old iBook.)

    Thanks for posting these 🙂

  3. great to see you back little girl! I missed you 😉 Glad that you choose to step back to regain the willingness to blog for us not on twitter. I'm always looking forward to your updates. All the pix are nice, you are so pretty. I'll be checking back.

    Stay well as much as StayDiapered 🙂


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