twitterpated 2: narcissistic tendencies

Hey again! I’m back home, crinkly in my sleeper. I said my last goodbye to the summer with a friend on a rooftop in Brooklyn last night, i’m ready for cold and cuddly weather, blanket weather ❤ I'm just sitting down to share some more twitter pictures with you, I'll have something else for you in my next post. Enjoy, part two of my rehashing old twitter posts, we'll talk about my little fun week (a few months ago) of comrades, cribs and crinkles!

July 7th
Having a cute hair day while checking out NYC law schools w/ visiting friend, crinkled my way through a library or two

A friend was staying with me while visiting NYC, she was on a mission to get visuals on schools she’s interested in. We took this on the outdoor balcony overlooking Borough Hall, I’m not sure if I like this one because my hair looks cute or if it’s because I was spending time with someone that made me feel really attractive. I was in a medium ATN at that point, which if you don’t know is just about the crinkliest diaper around, that’s one of my favorite things about them. The sound of crinkles makes me really happy, especially muffled under my sleeper… I imagine if I was a catgirl I would feel the same way about the bell around my neck. Regression is a multi-sensory thing for me, and sound is one of my favorite senses, so of course I love crinkles! It signifies that you’re in disposables or plastic panties (or both) and I’ve also been saying “I’m crinkly” as opposed to “I’m diapered”
I usually don’t care about my crinkly nature since NYC is about 80 dB everywhere and it really is hardly noticeable in most situations, and a law library wouldn’t be one of those situations. We had tour passes and were free to roam and needless to say, more than one person looked up from their studies to see what that crinkly sound was. My friend supports the pro-littles agenda but isn’t very bold or experienced with diapers, i’m thinking now she might have been as embarrassed as me. I’ll add “really quite rooms” to places to worry about when diapered.

July 8th
Nice to be upstate for a few days, I missed my nursery! 24/7 crinkly until I get back to the hotness of NYC 

My crib is one of the most special things in the world to me – It’s so comfy and lovely and I get the best sleep in it. I still visit Buffalo often and the nursery is still intact… I still miss it, but I had to do the city thing, that place kinda feels like my hometown on this coast, it’s where I first started, I have good memories there. When I’m around the nursery I generally stay diapered, I wear goodnites when I go out and ATN’s or cloth or something else thick when i’m home 🙂

July 10th
sonic rainboom from yesterday’s space launch 

I just love this picture. Bill Nye said the space shuttle program ending was a good thing and I agree, as long as something as cool as this comes out of it

July 10th
Missing NYC, nice to relax/shoot in the nursery, hangout with my upstate friends, but I want to play in the city 🙂

I must have been feeling kinda lonely, which happens in the suburbs for me… I feed off of the energy of a big city, off of the constant approval keeps me happy and constant disapproval keeps me motivated, the sounds and people and relevance and tall buildings! I do love the wilderness, and the suburbs have their advantages, the city is just a great source of inspiration… not a forever thing but perfect for right now.

This was at Folsom Street Fair, I wore my diapers and little Hello Kitty Shortalls – mostly dudes, the San Francisco one had more cisgender girls/transpeople and over the top fetish stuff.

this video goes with it also, it’s not very good but you can see my boooobs 😛

July 11th
Ahhh, so lovely to wake up in my crib again 🙂  

A good friend gave me this little snoopy shirt and plastic pants… I still leak all the time, it’s so tough! If I sleep overnight in my crib it’s always plastic sheets and usually plastic panties just in case.

July 12th 
Guess what kind of video I’m about to make 🙂  

I made the video, only 2 people have seen it. It’s quite the video. #NSFA

July 12th
Me and my bear on an overnight back to NYC 🙂

My bear is also another very valued possession for me, I loves bear so much, so cuddly and wonderful and makes a great pillow and squishes down small if need be and likes traveling with me. I have other stuffys, but bear is my pal. we’ve been through a lot together 🙂
More stuff soon! I’ll be elaborating on some of these points on later posts, more stuff soon internet!<3

11 thoughts on “twitterpated 2: narcissistic tendencies

  1. So, I'm at the movies, lose track of the plot, start surfing, see a new post here and find it's better than the movie. Good times, good times 🙂

  2. Yet again I very nice post showing history in the last few months. I still don't understand what people mean by “grow up.” I mean you have a pretty normal adult life. And for the most part you keep your baby life private.

  3. love, Love , LOVE, the Folsom East video. You are so gorgeous, and You have the most beautiful titties (sorry to be so blunt). God, I wish I was 20 years younger. Cheers Riley.

  4. ya I did notice that but being I dont know the person I know people that have taken jobs at fast food because they just need the money.

  5. Riley, regarding leaks–yes, that's certainly a problem when one sleeps in disposables. Particularly for me, since I often sleep on my side (which makes me wonder why the absorbent padding on adult diapers doesn't extend to the sides the way the padding in a baby's diaper does, but no matter).

    After several nights of drenched sheets, I finally started using cloth diapers and plastic pants at night. They not only leak less, they're infinitely more comfortable than disposables, and you're less prone to rashes as they tend to “breathe” more. If you use flat diapers (one large square piece of cloth, as opposed to prefolds, which have a soaker panel) you can experiment with folding them until you find the thickness that works for you.

    To further protect the bed, I'd consider using some sort of disposable pad (like a Chux) or an old towel if you're concerned about cost.

    Cloth diapers aren't as much of a hassle to wash as you might think, no more so than any other laundry you do. I combat the odor in the diaper pail by soaking the diapers in water with a bit of vinegar, no more than say, half a cup. You'd be surprised how well that works. (Better a vinegary smell than ammonia!)

    I even managed to find adult-size pins (thank you, Amazon!) with locking heads to prevent them from coming open at night. Pink, of course….=)

  6. I'd love to do a cloth diaper situation, you make it sound so easy! I do have to say, there's something about disposables, I was raised in disposables, wore goodnites and depends when I started wearing the second time, I have a “thing” for disposables.

    I'm also ecologically and economically conservative, and feel bad about the lifetime of land-filling plastic diapers… so I will likely make the switch when I find a little more stability, a place with a washer/dryer and I learn how to do it, I will be a happy girl ❤ I'm great at changing disposables, but have little experience with clothies. I think when I get girlparts I'll like clothdiapers better too, that pillowy cased in feeling of cloth diapers and plastic pants ❤ Awesome! This comment kinda made my morning, got me all excited about diapers n' stuff

  7. Hi Riley,

    I'm glad you feel that way about my comment–I have been very cautious about communicating with you up to now, as I don't wish to appear creepy or stalker-ish.

    As for making cloth diapering seem easy…well, I don't know about that. It certainly has its challenges, odor control being a big one. There are ways around even that, certain scents you can use to cover it up, but I'm sadly not an expert on that particular subject.

    Anyway, there's a certain irony to your statement, “…I do have to say, there's something about disposables, I was raised in disposables, wore goodnites and depends when I started wearing the second time, I have a “thing” for disposables….” It's ironic because if anyone asked me, I probably would have said eerily similar things about cloth.

    So I imagine a person's diaper preference is to a large degree generational. I was born in 1961 B.P. (Before Pampers, of course). Cloth back then was *it,*–my mother used the very expensive Curity gauze diapers on me. Curitys had a rather distinctive edge that made them look as though they were cut with pinking shears–it's a Curity trademark that kept the diapers from fraying. I mention all this because my earliest visual memories of being diapered, from about the age of two and a half, are of those Curitys and their unique pinked edge. You can imagine my mother's surprise years later when I described them to her!

    I'm convinced those vivid early memories of being lovingly wrapped in those *very* soft diapers are what led to my being a DL, and when I first started wearing again in 1991, one of the first things I did was to get infant 27″ x 27″ “flat” cloth diapers (I'd use four layers, covered by a trash bag because I had no plastic pants). They were by Gerber, they didn't feel the same, but they were close enough.

    Yeah, if you wash them yourself, your own washer and dryer is almost a must. I don't know how close your laundry facilities are to your apartment, but considering how heavy a pail full of wet diapers is, you don't want to have to haul it too far. I'm quite lucky, as my apartment building's laundry room is just a few feet outside my back door.

    I understand your guilt over disposables, because I feel the same guilt. I go through five, sometimes six diapers a *day*, and they do add up in a very short time. I feel even worse knowing that the water that goes into making disposables becomes cannot be recycled because of the chemicals used.

    I don't know if you'd consider this, but were one available out here in my little piece of the midwest, I'd use a diaper service. Many places will gladly wash your diapers for you, provided you supply the diapers, and they will work with you to come up with a reasonable rate.

    I think you'll really love cloth, Riley–there's nothing quite like the feel of it against your skin. And if you have an “accident” while out in public, all you need do is put the wet/soiled diaper in a Ziploc bag or something similar. Cloth diapers take a bit of effort, but I'll take them over disposable any day.

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