Dry 24/7 Field Test

Hello friends!

I’ve had quite a bit of adventure since I moved to NYC for the summer/fall and I’ve been really excited to share stories/pics/videos with you, this post has all three!

This is my crinkly Canadian adventure with Jellybean Puppy ❤

I’m awfully proud of this video, one of my better ones and a step in the right direction, I feel as if I evoked Carl Sagan for a moment there. I hope you enjoy it, I’ll be transcribing the subtitles tomorrow, I had a great time making it and as always, there are things I’d like to say beyond the video… so lets start while i’m in pull-ups…

I began my day in an ATN – washed up for my adventure and put on a pair of my crinkly panties, the new version of Goodnites – the zebra pattern makes them look so grown-up! I needed to wear something with a little bit more protection if I was going to be out all day, goodnites are far too small for a heavy wetter like myself ❤ It was kinda daunting putting on this diaper, they cost 2.38 for the smalls (2.66 for the mediums) and I only had one. Precautiouns were taken, I wiped my hands with baby wipes after getting all powdery and I made sure to line the 4 tapes up just right, even without a landing zone. Luckily I've had a decade+ of experience diapering myself, and have diapered a number of other people as well. Hm… I wonder how many people reading this have been pampered at one point or another by little ol' me, thoughts like that make me smile.

 I was quite the cuddly, playful girl after getting in it, that feeling that you might not be changed for a looooong time, I get that same feeling when I’m being scolded or teased about my wetness… you know you’re diapered, and you’re going to StayDiapered.

 The Dry 24/7’s are really huge, really, really huge diapers, and one of their key advantages is they are bulky while still in a small size. Bulkyness is attractive due to my love of that comfy, pillowy diaper feeling – unfortunately many diapers rarely can wear to capacity, I have to change or they fall apart after too long. The bulk of these fills out anything you wear so keep that in mind, I was in a below the knees skirt and if you were looking you’d likely see the diaper.  I like this for play, but they definitely limit the clothing options for wearing something like this… I don’t mind being a little more open while i’m traveling, for flights I always have my bear and my diapers and sometimes a paci, folks usually don’t mind because they think I’m an unaccompanied minor or just a little scared. 
I’m not scared because I have my stuffy and my diapers ❤

I went up to Niagara to do touristy things and a friend had free Buffet coupons… we ate a bunch of food, each put in $10 and won $60 on a star trek slot machine. We played a couple arcade games and lamented the lack of pinball in modern society
I surely didn’t become any less soggy throughout the day 😛

Can you tell i’m crinkly?

After playing up in the great white north for a little while my diaper really started to sag, I needed a onesie or even a snug pair of tights to keep things in place. The edges around the diaper started to get a little wet and my panties were pretty much soaked from the wetness coming through the plastic… that’s probably the biggest issue with this diaper. That can be solved by wearing a cover or plastic pants, but it is a notable issue. I don’t think it’s wet enough to get through thicker fabric, but you really feel wet when these are wet, that’s a better feeling to have at home not when you’re waiting to cross the border.

I crinkled back to my nursery safely, in my experience the Canadian border folks are so much friendlier than those in the Southland, I rarely worry as I’m just a harmless young lady with her stuffed puppy, shouldn’t be a surprise to find a diaper under my skirt 🙂

The Dry 24/7 stood the test of time, but not a whole 24 hours… I had to get on a bus to NYC once I got back to the states and thought it would be best to change before the 8 hour bus ride. Again, my panties were soaked and my inner thighs felt all wet, I got in my crib and pulled off a very heavy, a very soggy diaper and sent it on it’s way to a landfill somewhere in Jersey. Skin being exposed to fresh air after a long time in diapers makes everything so sensitive, that between diapers feeling of vulnerable nakedness is always a highlight of the diaper change.
These pictures should help illustrate just how soggy I was.

It was a lovely diapered day, and i’m glad I have friends to share it with… I have trouble giving decisive diaper reviews, they’re are goods (bulkiness, absorbency, tapes, odor control, soft plastic, good fit for smaller people, institutional look) and bads (bulkiness, no tape zone, the plastic and edging sweats, kinda boring institutional look) but overall I’m happy with this diaper, and I look forward to trying them again. Would I order them? Nope! Medically transitioning without healthcare is expensive, so I’m happy with my thrift store finds and Tranquility ATN’s (about a $1 a piece) plus the diapers sent to me by readers like you ❤

More crinkly adventures soon! Hugs and you can find the full public gallery here.

14 thoughts on “Dry 24/7 Field Test

  1. the enema video is not for the public eyes. If you have donated in the past, contact me and I'll send if to you! It's really graphic so I'm not going to post it all over the place.

  2. riley that was a nice video! I love the pix you took to include in this video. I actually saw them in FL before seeing them here. I am happy you are ready to blog again, I missed you honey! you are looking very cute and cheerful (YAY for you). I look forward to your future postings 🙂


  3. Love the video Riley. I love the bright colours with lots of pink. And your makeup looks really pretty.

    I also like the slideshow of still photos, which I think is a format that can achieve more erotic poses, than video can.

    Thanks for that. One really good video, is better than ten mediocre ones.


  4. So sexy once again glade all is going great for you. Do you ever do any naught adult videos would love to see one but for now just in my dreams

  5. Hello, how does the Dry 24/7 compare to a Tena Sleep Maxi (those with 8 filled water drops)? Or perhaps the one with 6 or 7(?) filled drops is more commonly available in the US?

    It sounds like they are comparable, though I've never had the chance to try a Dry 24/7. Actually when I first read your title, I though you meant that you had been trying to be dry for some time :-p. Later however, I remembered that it is a brand for adult diapers. 🙂

    Like your blog and your innocent usage of diapers.

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