5 years ago today

I started this site 5 years ago today.

I was working at an indie theatre full-time – living by myself in a studio apartment with a crib in it. I wasn’t open about my love of crinkles to many of my friends, a couple I’d told I was a bedwetter, others I convinced that adult diapers were a innovative market on E-Bay that I was embracing, I was honest with few.

Now anyone with Cable TV knows my “little secret”, I’ve been recognized at ABDL events as well as on the subway, at bars and even Occupy Wall Street. I’m putting out better videos than ever and have lots of new ideas and content to share. This week I had 3 adult modeling gigs and I’m going to be hopping coasts again in the next few months. I’ve made great friends through the site, and donations have quite literally kept me alive at points over the years. This site is the best thing that has ever happened to me, a driving force of positivity in my life.

I look back on that young girl, 20 years old and pouring her little heart out on the Internet to anyone willing to click through. I see the confident woman, making her dreams of art, media and adventure come true, I see where I’ll be after another 5 years, established, experienced and making the films she’s always wanted to make, and making things better for the folks following their own paths.

I’m happy, exhausted and feeling clarity and confidence that comes from a job well done, a life well spent. Below is my first post, the first words in what will be the story of my diapered life. Thanks for being a part of it, and here’s to another 5 years ❀

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Panties at my Ankles – The First Day
I’ve wanted to do this since I first put a diaper on. Since I was looking in my mom’s bathroom and looking at the pads I was too young to wear, putting them in my underwear for the feeling, as opposed to prevent anything.

I’m going to be a diaper wearer 24/7. I have enough diapers, I have enough privacy, and I have enough willpower. I’m wearing panties for the last time… I cleaned out my underwear drawer and replaced them with diapers. I wish you could sell old panties on eBay, I’d make a fortune.

I have one pair as a back-up. They’re the ones I wore to the prom, a comfortable pair of pink VictoriasSecret my ex-boyfriend bought me when we went gallery shopping in NewYork. They’ve always been my “lucky panties”, but I even have to hide them away. Out of site… out of mind.

I’m not doing this just to make myself incontinent. I don’t mess (for those not aware of the lingo, messing means #2 – look for a glossary post later), maybe later on this is something that would be attractive to me, but I’m a very hygienic person, so probably not. I’m going to wear diapers 24/7, to bed, to work, at parties and on dates. If this eventually makes me incontinent or more open to wetting, or a bed wetter, it’s for the best, because I’ll be diapered anyway.

What to Expect out of this BlogI’m going to be writing about my daily life as a diapered individual, adversity I encounter, peoples reactions, as well as my thoughts (and hopefully comments with yours) about making this decision and going through with it. Thanks for reading this first post, and I guess I better pack this last pair away and go grab a DryNite!

6 thoughts on “5 years ago today

  1. Hi! To start with i just want to apologize if my english sucks since i'm from sweden.. πŸ˜› Anyway, I just wanted to say that i found your blog about 6 months ago, and i have read it ever since. And I just think you are a wonderful person. Plus the fact that you are so cute. And you write so good i actually find myself smiling time to time reading it… So, stay strong and continue writing! πŸ™‚ I'm cheering for you!

    You are the greatest! you are smart and so cute i want to eat you up. I wish i was as brave as you. You make all of us fell so good just cause you are you
    Thank you

  3. I love that you are going to be a diaper wearer 24/7. You are super cute. I cannot wait to hear about your life as a 24/7 diaper girl. I look forward to seeing your videos. I have been keeping up on your blog and you videos for quite some time now. You are absolutely adorable. You have my best wishes.

  4. congratulations on the 5 year anniversary! I am thrilled I found your blog last year. I am truly a fan of yours riley, I wish you continued growth in the direction you want πŸ™‚


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